How life has changed after Modi?

Modi winning the elections and becoming the Prime Minister was largely predicted. So how has your life changed after about 10 months of Modi rule?

In essence, nothing much really. All of the actions Modi has taken so far are further promotions of what he wants to do. The Rs. 9 Lacs Modi suite he wore when meeting President Obama was a moral low, Ghaar Wapasi has been more damaging. Modi’s image of a doer has not yet to be seen on the ground.

True, it may take time to really start seeing the change, but many from BJP has been already professing that since they are in the center inflation has come down. As with any oil consuming economy, the recent dive in prices of crude oil has lead this downward rally. But if you remove that from the picture, there is almost no effect. The realty prices are not going down making affordable housing too difficult to achieve.

On top of these, Modi government has taken the ordinance route to pass 3 critical bills which is a shame. If you compare to the promises, one of the top agenda items was corruption in the system he sought to eradicate. But Aam Aadmi Party and Aravind Kejriwal had pretty much achieved it during their 49 day governance and have been living that life again after coming into power in Delhi on an unprecedented mandate. How long does that stick is yet to be seen.

The first thing Modi should do and really implement is a infrastructure reforms – in particular Roads. Road development across India has been pretty dismissal, especially in the financial capital that is Mumbai. Not just developing roads, but also ensure maintenance of them is carried out in a time-bound, systematic manner. Even though many new roads are constructed, there are cases where roads have been developed but haven’t lasted that long at all while the developer goes scott free.

Roads lead to better connectivity and immediate relief to masses. Good roads have the capability to reduce pollution, improve fuel efficiency leading to lesser Oil import bill, and a feel good factor.

Windows Phone 8

What is Microsoft doing right, and wrong for Windows Phone?

Well to those who know me, I am an Windows Phone fan, so much so that my entire family now has windows phone (I bought them). But off late, I am unhappy about a few things that I need to voice it out.

Windows Phone 8 showed immense promise to the world, with its Metro UI and 8.1 just enhanced it. But since then, Microsoft has been pretty much playing catch up with iOS and Google’s Android. Last it was known, Android had pretty much of 80% market share which is rather impressive if you also know that it is the newest software platform here. iOS, when launched, was based on Mac OS X and Microsoft always made its mobile OS and had often positioned it as the Business Phone. But Microsoft being the most experienced has had not been able to transform it all to this new OS.

The Apps of the Ecosystem Continue Reading

The Curious Case of Delhi

Delhi is being hailed by many as the experimental capital for politics. And I sort off agree.

AAP is poised to have a strong season this time around and may even be successful enough to grab their first majority in their three elections they fought. They are showing the way of fighting elections that majority of parties have not done so far. With their limited budget they have been able to turn things around unlike BJP which has unlimited budget so to speak.

They also have upgraded themselves, no more stupidity and appear to be much more like a political party. Their experience with contesting two elections reaping them great rewards it seems. And my guess is that this will catch up in other urban areas as well. On the face of it, I am not supporting either of parties but I love seeing the underdog winning at times. :)

The worst impacted is Congress – there are hardly people even thinking that Congress will be posing a challenge at all. The rut with which they were dethroned in 2014 has seemed to have a lasting effect and unless Rahul Gandhi gets married and settles abroad, nothing is going to happen.

Speaking of Jr. Gandhi, with Kiran Bedi BJP tried to play a master stroke, but turns out it’s fizzled the chutzpah out. Amit Shah’s understanding scuttled at what Kiran can speak. If she has done anything it is bringing the Modi Wave out of its peak and made people think really hard. Unlike assembly elections, the fever did not catch up and that itself is AAP’s single biggest strength this time around.

Let us wait and see what results turn out tomorrow.

Mumbai Metro Bins

Metro: It just got ‘Mumbai’ed!

Mumbai saw the newest addition to its glory in the form of Mumbai Metro, and it made every mumbaikar happy. But the sudden announcement of the metro was left for open debate. The state needed to show some progress and are under pressure due to the upcoming assembly elections. Started  construction in 2006, it was completed in the end 2013 after a 2 year delay. It is an astonishing delay, when you consider that Dubai built man made Palm islands in 8 years! The delay was attributed to getting the requisite permissions from various authorities and public protests.

In the process, Mumbai also scrapped further expansion plans as they are not happy with the Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd., the contractor. MMOPL is co-owned by Reliance (ADAG) Group and Veolia Transport, and Reliance has got one up by branding the Mumbai Metro as Reliance Metro. Continue Reading