What is on business?

It has been ages since I wrote about the Indian Business or my interests in the world of business in general, but after going through a lot of the news lately I was reminded of my days when I used to write about them.

Pininfarina makes an interesting buy for Mahindra

It started with a startling news that Mahindra may be looking for a stake buy in Pininfarina, the Italian design house for cars. The Aviation to Scooter company is making great strides into picking up key properties across the world, including the recently acquired scooter business from Peugeot. SsangYong is already turning out to be a good addition in terms of sales and Mahindra actually has been able to make them sensible to outside world. Buying this iconic designer will be a shot in its arm, and Mahindra can apply the talent across its businesses.
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Bajaj Boxer 150 Café Racer?

Bajaj Boxer is a name that you casually associate with something that is rugged, but not to Indian taste while it is powerful but never a success. But I was intrigued when I first saw the pictures of Bajaj Boxer 150 Café Racer.

Remember we saw the Hero Splendor Pro Classic Café Racer in the 2014 Auto Expo, which was also launched in the market to a lukewarm response. This was not where it all started though. The beautiful Continental GT from Royal Enfield was where it all started and suddenly everyone in India started to Bing! (siuya, scroogle) about Café Racers.

Then today I was looking around the net for the new Pulsar RS200, I came across this surprise. A Boxer 150 Café Racer! The first look at it and I said “wow” I didn’t know that. Continue Reading

How life has changed after Modi?

Modi winning the elections and becoming the Prime Minister was largely predicted. So how has your life changed after about 10 months of Modi rule?

In essence, nothing much really. All of the actions Modi has taken so far are further promotions of what he wants to do. The Rs. 9 Lacs Modi suite he wore when meeting President Obama was a moral low, Ghaar Wapasi has been more damaging. Modi’s image of a doer has not yet to be seen on the ground.

True, it may take time to really start seeing the change, but many from BJP has been already professing that since they are in the center inflation has come down. As with any oil consuming economy, the recent dive in prices of crude oil has lead this downward rally. But if you remove that from the picture, there is almost no effect. The realty prices are not going down making affordable housing too difficult to achieve. Continue Reading

Windows Phone 8

What is Microsoft doing right, and wrong for Windows Phone?

Well to those who know me, I am an Windows Phone fan, so much so that my entire family now has windows phone (I bought them). But off late, I am unhappy about a few things that I need to voice it out.

Windows Phone 8 showed immense promise to the world, with its Metro UI and 8.1 just enhanced it. But since then, Microsoft has been pretty much playing catch up with iOS and Google’s Android. Last it was known, Android had pretty much of 80% market share which is rather impressive if you also know that it is the newest software platform here. iOS, when launched, was based on Mac OS X and Microsoft always made its mobile OS and had often positioned it as the Business Phone. But Microsoft being the most experienced has had not been able to transform it all to this new OS.

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