Why Himalayan, a question I am asked often!

Why I chose Himalayan over other options available in the market? Because, it was the only tourer in the market that took the job seriously.

Yeti, my Royal Enfield Himalayan

When I wanted to buy a bike, the family told me to go for a Scooter instead. It was practical, given that few members of my family can use it if I did not. Though, at that time, I wanted to buy the Pulsar, just like every other guy in the market.

So I went in for the TVS Wego, and it held me in good stead in the last 4 years. However, long daily rides of 80+ kms were becoming a pain for me even on my Wego. I hear you say of course, do I?

I was long due an upgrade to a bike, and I often wondered which one to go for given my daily commute. So I naturally thought, why not try the Avenger from the Bajaj stable? It was powerful enough, comfortable and a good bike overall, given it had proven itself in the market. Impulse, was another bike I had eyed but Hero stopped selling it. Another bike I had considered was the all new Pulsar NS200. I also took a test ride (the Showroom sent in a mechanic as pillion which really robbed the experience). And came back, impressed.

But then, the news was floating around of the all new Royal Enfield Himalayan. You see, it would be, at launch, the only affordable adventure bike in the country. With the roads pothole ridden, I felt this was the bike I want to ride to work. A quick back to back TD with Pulsar NS200 and Himalayan was enough for me to decide.

I never rode a Royal Enfield bike before in my life, like ever. Himalayan was the first one! A quick back to back TD with Pulsar NS200 and Himalayan was enough for me to decide my future bike.

Enter Yeti, the Himalayan

I went ahead and booked the new Himalayan for Rs. 5000, with a waiting period of three months. Three efng months!

It was too long a wait, and I had to really count days. It was not easy, but I had this longing of buying myself a Himalayan that really kept me pumping. As the days passed by, I got a call that my Himalayan had arrived 15 days earlier than anticipated, and that I should be ready to receive it.

The day of the delivery was also the day when Raksha Bandhan was celebrated. Using the day off to the fullest, I called in my friend Vishnu Tantri to join me for the delivery.

It was a non-ceremonial delivery, but heck did I care about those things. I had the beast waiting for me, and I was more immersed in deciding to go for my first ride on it.

Long rides on Himalayan, the best sub two lakh tourer!

I did many long rides on my Yeti, with the longest yet at 3300+ kms in 8 days. My Mumbai to Kerala and back trip was really an eye opener. My friend and fellow Wolf at TGW accompanied me astride the Dominar. Between us, I bet I had a more comfortable tour

When we faced pothole ridden roads, it was the Himalayan that came on top. On the highway, Dominar was regularly breaching the 140kmph mark which my Himalayan did not. However, it was never my intent to be riding at those speeds.

Doing 120kmph constant is easily done on Himalayan, even with loads of luggage and a heavy rider. After the initial niggles, it has proved to be a no-nonsense bike for me.

Other bikes from the RE stable are famously used for long tours, and of course people have claimed it to be comfortable likewise. For me, it has been the Himalayan which beats the odds.

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