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It really took a very long time coming but its finally here! My 200th post!! A journey of more than 5 years took me here at last. I blog very regularly when I am in mood, which rarely happens. But nonetheless, a milestone achieved.

Thank you all my readers! I am paying my Blog a tribute here for giving me so many nice friends who have in more ways than one helped me improve as a writer and cheered me up!

Take some cake for 200th Post

Thank you to IndiBlogger! Without Indi, I wont have got so many readers! Also, it helped me educate so much more about Blogging and so many resources. Its a must platform for all the bloggers out there.

In 2008, I shifted to WordPress and from Blogger and I was floored with WP’s blogging powers. During this journey, there were so many people who helped me grow as a blogger. I thank all of them sincerely for being great supporters and critics alike. Thank you very much. 🙂

Here is a list of must read blog posts.

Life is Cool – A sweet poem inspired by the Rainbow I saw while traveling on the Mumbai Suburban Railways

Akshaya Patra and generous deed – “Akshaya Patra” means an inexhaustible vessel. My article for Akshaya Patra IndiBlogger contest. It was written for the sheer thought that every blog post will earn 50 children a Meal

The Seconds Effect! Will Tata DoCoMo change market Dynamics – Tata Docomo had launched in 5 circles already and was readying its offerings for other cities as well. I had written this article about Tata Docomo because this enterant was sure to shake up things in what was then a some-what stable market. This post is also special because Tata Docomo Marketing team themselves landed up on my post to comment and reply to those who complained.

ChangeMind Ver 1.0 – No more caste differences – Its one crazy idea of inventing a technology to change the mindset of people with Cast Differences. Though this is purely fictional and a complete non-brainer, I have tried to tell you all what I feel about how does this caste differences work so badly for people who are in love.

Airtel Ad: Timeless Goodbye – The new Airtel ad where they launch their 3G services is reviewed. Created by JWT, this ad triumphed Tata Docomo’s 3G (though sober and cute) advert by miles. Docomo was the first to launch 3G. It touched emotional chord with its users, particularly those unmarried love couples.

What is your favorite topping for a Pizza? – I have this tendency to write about complete non-brainers you see :P. Here I have shared my favorite Pizza Toppings 🙂 and others did theirs too 😀

Sugar Cane Juice – the old way – I came across a completely wooden Sugar Cane machine, crushed using the power of hands. Never tasted Sugar Cane juice as sweetest as this 😀

The Sahyadris – Some pictures IThe Sahyadris – Some pictures II – I had been to a short trip down to Goa via Konkan and these are the snaps that I took early morning from the train. I was completely mystified with the beauty of nature. Its awesome to say the least. Am sure there are much more beautiful places on earth, but for me this trip will remain memorable.

The Chinese Noodle with Japanese Sauce and Thai Phuket Phad Ka Corw – My first time having Thai food. Details of what we ordered and how much i liked having Thai…

A Place for Lovers in Mumbai – After lunch, I was talking to my friends outside our office. A topic we discussed was Lover’s place in Mumbai. Suddenly pictures of Bandra Bandstand, Borivali National Park (Kanheri Caves), Juhu Beach and Airol Garden were flashing in minds of each one of us.

Women and their addiction to men’s height! – Once I was having a lighter discussion with my mom when she revealed that she would have preffered a taller man to a same heighted or slightly tall. My dad is taller, but not much. This forced me to think, and then write, about  why women do that this addiction to men’s height

Air India and its never ending woes – The official carrier of India fondly called as ‘Maharaja’ is in financial doldrums. Air India has everything it possibly can, except for productivity. I tried to suggest a few things on how we can bring about a change in the fortunes of Air India. This post was chosen for Tangy Tuesday’s at Blog Adda

Evening @ Summer Funk – Shaimak Davar’s Dance academy conducts its Annual show for parents and children alike. This evening was really special coz I saw Deaf people dancing!! When I saw deaf people dancing, I was taken aback. How in the world do they do it? And such coordination of steps left my mouth opened for minutes!

Tata Nano’s Copycats – Ferrari’s and Fiat’s Nano? Scoop Pictures of New FIAT 600 and Ferrari F634 – April Fool Scoop – I tinkered with Tata Nano pictures to give you a look at fictional Ferrari F634 one and Fiat 600 Based on Tata Nano. Do you  think the pictures seemingly real?

Painfully Sweet Memories – A change in relationship hurts, a very personal post.

Praise them and kick them – Media reports saying “Why Sachin created hopes in Billions of Indians about a turn of tide and filed to finish it?” forced me to write this post. This post is featured in Blogjunta Editor’s Choice.

This post is also dedicated to my love of life.


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