About Indianomics!

About Blog: A lil confusing but very interesting… but Indianomics is indeed relaxing 🙂
(penned by Arti from My Yatra Dairy as her testimonial to this blog)

What is in a name?

Indianomics as some of you might already have guessed, is a combination of Indian and Economics. The term dawned up on me while I was trying to write my own understanding of business content in a layman’s terms. While looking to buy the domain is only when I realized that CNBC TV18 has a show hosted by Lata Venkatesh by the same name. And a .com website already existed curated by Sriram Vadlamani (which was taken over by The Asian Correspondent later). Hence, some of the social network handles required additional letters – where I zeroed in on using TV coinciding with my YouTube channel coming up.


I started blogging on Blogspot in the year of 2005, though it never really caught on till the year 2008 when I got my own website and moved my blog to self-hosted WordPress. I am an active member of IndiBlogger, where I am one of the IndiPolice (moderator) of Forum. I have attended many IndiBlogger IndiMeets, and have constantly volunteered for their Events in Mumbai.

By education, I am a Bachelor in Commerce, with specialization in Management. I like to read books and for passion, I Love someone more than my life.



I started YouTube Vlogs via my channel, Indianomics TV in October 2016. Initially, it was only envisaged to be a supplement my blog, however now both of them are equally updated. Head over to Indianomics TV  and hit the subscribe button.

About Author

I am Hemal Shah, an experienced Web Professional from Mumbai. I play with designs and visualize page design and content in sync, use Content Management Systems and SharePoint. Currently working in the field of IT Enabled Services with one of world’s largest MNC, where I lead Portal and SharePoint Services for our client.


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