Tata Motors eVision is all electric sedan concept

Tata Motors eVision is all electric sedan concept - shape of things to come!

Tata Motor’s love affair with Geneva Motor show made it to 20 years, and they celebrated it in Style with stunning concept, the Tata Motors eVision! Read more to know about the latest electric sensation!

Tata Motors eVision Concept Sedan Car - Exterior

Tata Motor’s love affair with Geneva Motor show made it to 20 years. And they celebrated it in Style with stunning concept, the Tata Motors eVision! The all-electric sedan and is based on Tata’s new Omega Arch platform. The car absolutely looks stunning thanks to its sharp design, and consistent with the IMPACT design language that started off with Bolt and Hexa.

eVision looks stunning for a Tata product!

Per the press release, the design of new Tata Motors eVision is based on the IMPACT 2.0 design language. Using brushed aluminium to beautifully craft the a three dimensional ‘humanity line’, it runs the entire width of the car. The grille and lamps appear to be pieces of high tech jewelry. Another aluminium blade runs from ‘A’ pillar to ‘C’ piller, creating a diamond shaped DLO. It visually lowers the profile of the car.

At the rear, animated tail lights creates a ‘Slingshot’ line, which swings around the body from logo up front, defines the character of the car. Visually, it pushes the car forward in the precise yet balanced dynamism.

It is the best designed sedan Tata Motors have showcased in many years. After H5X unveil, Tata Motors have kept the car enthusiast in India hoping that they bring this bad boy or (sleek beauty, call it what you may) out there. Look at that design!


Tata Motors connected technologies

First of all, it is no secret for last three years that Tata Motors have been focusing on bringing more human interaction technologies into the car than ever. They have not shied away from talking of the importance and their relentless focus on this one aspect.

Tata Motors eVision will connect to cloud and will be able to provide lot of information; and hence can provide analytics, geo-spatial mapping, service reminders and predictive energy management system. The later helps to save battery by avoiding traffic routes whenever possible.

There is not much known about the sound system, and I expect the Harman systems to continue with JBL speakers which has worked really well the car.

The Tata Motors eVision Concept

Being electric car, I can expect it to be really fast. From whatever limited information that was shared, it is clear that the car is geared towards performance than usability. There may be synergies that Tata Motors is able to draw from Jaguar, which unveiled the i-Pace electric crossover globally yesterday.

As a result, Zero to 100 kmph acceleration figure is achievable at less than seven seconds. That is fast. Really fast, with (possibly electronically controlled) top speed of 200 kmph! The car can be charged over with slow charging AC connection or fast charging DC connectivity.

Here is the video Tata Motors made to introduce the car!

Electric revolution by 2030

If you have not read my post about electricity and pollution, please do read. The ruling BJP government has clearly stated an ambitious target of making it mandatory to only sell electric cars by the year 2030. And a lot of manufacturers are now gearing up for that eventual challenge. Going by the recent turn of events especially, the government also can bring forward the implementation date any day.


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