Should you buy the new Tata Tigor BS6?

The much updated Tigor offers even more now, but is it worth it?

Tata Motor’s Tigor has been trying to ride the legacy left by Indigo CS, the pioneer of sub-compact sedans. However, with the Tigor BS6 version, it has made its case even more compelling.

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Tata Motor’s Tigor has been championing the legacy left by Indigo CS, the pioneer of sub-compact sedans. Tata launched the all new Tigor BS6 2020 edition in January earlier this year. It is a comprehensive update under the hood, and hence the price has also seen an increase.

Ever since the launch, I have been drooling over the updates and have been getting weird thoughts. One of the biggest factors for me has been the new safety features and the BS6 engine. So let me quickly skip through the usual mumbo-jumbo, and help you answer the question: Should you buy the new Tata Tigor BS6?

What could be single biggest reason to consider Tigor BS6?

Safety. The new Tigor BS6 edition has now been tested by Global NCAP and both Tigao and Tigor have scored 4 Star safety rating. Tigor is the only car tested and has a star rating for safety in its class.

This in itself is a huge leap in already existing faith that Tata Motors’ make safer cars. Getting the 5 Star rating would have been perfect, and I wish Tata focuses on getting all cars, like Altroz, will get the best in safety.

Tata Tigor BS6 has ABS with EBD as standard
Tata Tigor BS6 has ABS with EBD as standard

Apart from the crash rating, Tigor comes with ESB and ABS as standard, along with twin Airbag for Driver and passenger.

Competition to Tigor are Maruti Suzuki Dzire and Hyundai Aura. Now both Maruti and Hyundai are well established, and manage to sell good numbers with goodwill themselves. Maruti has clearly said they wont send their cars for NCAP testing. The UK based Swift on which the Indian version of Swift and Dzire are based scored 2 star rating and Hyundai is an unknown.

The Styleback experience

Tigor was always a looker, however the heavy facelift, including new colors, have made it even better. The design now is more mature and yet has its hints of fun. Design is subjective, however. You are your best judge. I can tell you for sure, Tigor does get the attention on the road.

TATA TIGOR 2020 XZA+ Analysis and Review
TATA TIGOR 2020 XZA+ Analysis and Review

What other areas does Tigor BS6 excels in as compared to competition?

Best-in-class Infotainment system

There are quite a few areas where Tigor trumps the competition. It is already well established across all of Tata Motor’s models is the Infotainment system. The Harman sourced music system set up is absolutely amazing. With Android Auto and Apple car play, this has now made the entire package so much better.

Best-in-class Ride quality and control

It is one of the areas where Tata’s has got really better than competition. As compared to light yet fun to drive Dzire, Tigor BS6 neck on neck on ride control, and a much better ride comfort.

Best-in-class Boot Space

Given its compact nature, Tigor does surprise us with its amazing 419 liter bootspace. In comparison, Dzire gets 378 liters and Aura gets 407 liters worth of bootspace. Tigor uses hydraulic struts that helps make more usable room as compared to both Aura and Dzire which use C shape hooks.

Sure not all products are 100% perfect. I will update this post with more shortcomings soon. In the meanwhile, here is a link to whole set of Tata Tigor accessories that you can plan to buy for your car.

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