The pain of an Indian citizen

Are Indian elections a slug fest?

A whatsapp response to good friend Akhil turned in to a poem.

I live in Mumbai – Thane – Kalyan belt, and pay my taxes here. But I don’t get even the basic of the service like good roads, clean public sanitation, cleaner air to breathe. But for those who are blinded in their faith towards one party, I want to offer them a piece of advice. Vote for those who work for your constituency, not for the PM candidate.

The Pain of an Indian

I should be bothered about the poverty in Bihar and UP which pay almost similar tax that Mumbai alone pays in a year. That is a far cry. However I need to carry the weight (pay taxes) for their development.

For nation building, then…

The people in UP slaughter people in the name of the cow, which isn’t the national animal. Tiger is, and it doesn’t get the same support.

I will suffer and pay my taxes, for the nation building then…

LPG gas subsidy bill was reduced but the poor in Mumbai still pay ₹800~ while someone in remote area gets it for free. Well, one bit for betterment.

While I suffer, for the nation building then..

The constant rant of unifying Hindus, building temples by destroying mosques, spreading the hatered among friends and family, like playing the classic vamp in an Ekta Kapoor series

But for the nation building then…

Cost of fuel touched all time high, but I will suffer because government is reducing the fiscal deficit. For that dream, one that wasn’t achieved, I shattered, I will pay, for nation building then…

Demonetization killed the small economy. Thousands lost job. I was on of them, too.

But heck, I will suffer for, nation building then…

I still drive through Rickety roads to and from office, it breaks my back, but I should applaud the government for building new roads outside of Mumbai-Thane region.

I will suffer, for the nation building then…

Taking political pot shots at opposition for a terror attack when you are in power, because you could not stop it and don’t want to take the blame.

I ignore, for nation building then…

No one can ask question to the government, because I need to trust them, else I will be called an anti-national.

So I stay silent, for the nation building then…

Not a single case of corruption, am told, has emerged for they have been buried in the bushes of the media glore..

I stay silent, for the nation building then..

Friends turn foes and bosses become evil, because the one who is a bhakt cannot stand critical thinking.

I stay silent, for the nation building then..

My PM spends tax payer money to travel and do election oriented rallies, but heck who am I to question it! He is building a nation that never existed he thinks, while I keep paying my taxes without taking the much needed holiday.

I suffer, but will pay for nation building then…

I can’t respect my rights as an Indian citizen, so I submit for the nation building then…

But then you questioned the current capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces, by saying “imagine if we had Rafael, the result would have been different”.

You proved that you couldn’t care any less.

But then when school kids asked your opinion on climate change, and your response was “climate change kuch nahi humari sehen shakti kam hogai hai”.

You proved you aren’t intellectual.

But then when the country asked to validate taller claims, you shoved fictional figures.

You proved you aren’t scared of the citizen.

But then you fudged the accounting calculator to show higher GDP growth figure and never allowed reverse calcultion comparison with UPA performance.

You proved that you aren’t true to yourself.

And today, there you are with millions of blind fans of yours, again at our door step asking for a favor that is the right of same citizens you dint care about, of the constitution that you ignored, of the lives that you played with in the last five years…

For the sake of a Hindurashtra in the disguise of Nation building… Do you think I will want to suffer?

So what do you think about this article?

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