A whole new flight


At the mid night, under the moon light,
I am waiting for the clear sun to shine,
Everyone is sleeping, without disturbing,
I am embarking on a whole new flight,

Into a new world of unknown,
With a paltry sum to beckon,
Clinching it tight I am waiting all night,
To see the clear sun shine,

A change in me will ever be,
Constant as will ever honey bee,
Across all oceans my life glee,
I don’t wanna hold on every penny,


Pushing is too much, pulling is a pain,
All my efforts are torn in vain,
I pulled my ear to make it clear,
What to me the world was saying,

I wanna fly, real high,
Into a new world of light,
Just waiting for the clear sun shine,
I am going on a whole new flight.


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