Type of Governments around the world

Throughout the history of mankind, they have been witness to many civilizations which have arisen and fallen. These civilizations were grown up to form organized rulers from Dynasty and Kingdoms to today’s Governments. The mankind has seen and has been ruled by many governments, all of various shapes and sizes and ideologies.

Listed below are some of the many types of government following almost the same ideology!

  1. Autocracy/Dictatorship/Totalitarianism: The common man is robbed by a single person assuming absolute power.
  2. Oligarchy: The common man is robbed by a bunch of goons having authoritarian rule.
  3. Monarchy: The Common man is robbed by a royal family.
  4. Military Junta: The common man is robbed by his own protector. A case of protector turning the predator!
  5. Capitalism: The common man is robbed by Businessmen in cahoots with the Government.
  6. Communism: The common man is not only robbed, but imprisoned, tortured and killed later on declared innocent by the government.
  7. Democracy: A queer case where the common man has the power to elect the robbers who will rob him

This guest post is written by my friend Sandeep Nair.

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