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Moving on!


Life has its own way of dealing with things. And when time is up, you must decide to move on. I have been through that situation recently, a very difficult but an important step in my career.

Oh yeah, that is it, the time is now,
It is time to move on and on and on,

Why and where I don’t know,
It is exciting when there is nothing planned down,

Head to a place where you can grow,
A place where you be on your own,

Saddle the ride and thrive,
That next level of excitement,

Take a break, you deserve it,
Go and talk, and have fun in it,

Life ain’t a game,
A game of dice,

This is a phase, and your premise.

  1. Annie says

    Yes one needs to move on, plan, act upon it and eventually you would land up somewhere. It may or may not be exactly as you planned, but at least the journey would add to your experience.

    The best way to achieve or finish a thing is to start..

    1. Hemal Shah says


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