Trip Trailer launched of our recent breakfast ride

Yeti with Pillion, pictures for the Trip Trailer and Trip Movie

I am happy to share with you the launch of our Trip Trailer, which will be followed by a short movie. Of course this sounds like we are into serious business, but trust me we are not! It is just a fun trip trailer and a fun trip movie created just to feel different.

Okay, so I was writing a post about lack of an opportunity to do a weekend or a breakfast trip. It is in the drafts. Thankfully, I do not have to post it now! 🙂

So it all happened in a jiffy and a ride on Saturday morning was planned to Igatpuri. While we were sure we could make that trip, what we hoped is if we could extend the trip to Bhandardhara. It is a very scenic place near the village of Shendi and also home to the highest peak in Maharashtra, Kalsubai.

The Trip

So the target destination was set to Bhandardhara, with the condition that we should reach Igatpuri by 8 am at the max. We planned to leave at 5, but as is the norm, we left at 5.30 am in the morning. For a change, it was not that cold at that time and we only faced it after 5-7 kms after we took the Nashik Highway from Kalyan.

Yeti, The conquerer.
Yeti, The conquerer.

So with two bikes, four lads were up for a challenge. I was joined by fellow office colleagues. Vishnu with his Classic Desert Storm and Karan as his pillion and Yogendra who rode with me on Himalayan.

We crossed Igatpuri at around 7.30 am, and unfortunately missed the right turn at Goti. We spent about 25 mins to get back to the turn we missed, and that was a stupid one!

Roads post Goti are in real bad shape and ride was not as smooth as we had got used to the Nashik Highway.


As you can see in a few images on the Trip Trailer, no doubt the Nashik Highway was well laid, smoother than I had anticipated. With absolute no traffic, we were easily able to cruise at 100/110 kmph. Part of the reason why we reached our first target destination more than 30 mins early. If we had left at 5 am, a full hour earlier than anticipated.

Nashik Highway Smooth Roads - Trip Trailer
Nashik Highway Smooth Roads – Trip Trailer

Turn into Goti and you are welcomed with horrible set of roads, a complete far cry from what we just rode on. There were hardly good parts of the road that we encountered. So not that great a ride, even with me riding the Himalayan.

The Himalayan Advantage

Having an Himalayan for company, we thought it will be fun to take it through some rough terrain. And that paved way for one of my first attempts at off-roading.

The thrill of riding it over slopes felt awesome. Some of them you will be seeing in the video that we are creating. Till then, enjoy the trip trailer.

Yeti with Pillion, pictures for the Trip Trailer and Trip Movie
Yeti with Pillion, pictures for the Trip Trailer and Trip Movie

The Trip Trailer

Alright, so finally the trailer. If you arrived on this post via the home page, you would have already seen the trip trailer playing at the top. In any case, here is the YouTube Embed of our Trip Trailer. Enjoy.


Let us know what do you think about our Trip Trailer in the comments section below.

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