Manmohan is back with a Bang! BJP down, Left Red faced

Are Indian elections a slug fest?

The Great Indian Elections, 2009 in a nut shell…

Sorry for not writing for a week. I was so tensed about what out come would be today that I missed my dinner yesterday. Of course, I am kidding.

Well, its now out that Manmohan will extend his term as the Prime Minister of India. The UPA has emerged victorious as it was predicted.

BJP called a press meet and announced that they take this loss and voved to come back next time. BJP is now geared to take up the seat of opposition.

The Left was left Red faced after seeing the results. So much so that, they need more time to think and come up with a reason for their failure.

The fourth front lived up to their name… stood forth.

The final numbers stands as follows.

UPA NDA Third Front Fourth Front
259 163 77 30
Party Wins Leads
INC 204 1
BJP 116 0
Others 26 0
SP 22 1
BSP 21 0
JD(U) 20 0
TMC 19 0
DMK 18 0
CPI(M) 17 0
BJD 13 1
SS 11 0
NCP 9 0
Independent(s) 9 0
  1. Ramya says

    Well, my whole family vote for BJP. But, my dad seems to be happy with the victory of the congress.
    I don’t follow politics very religiously. SO, I don’t have much say!

  2. WhatsinAName says

    It is really a relief to see that there is some sort of majority in the hands of UPA… Else , a hung assembly would have led us nowhere… Just cant imagine seeing Lalu,Paswan, Sharad, Maya, and the likes steering india out of recession…

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