A big leap for the Indian: Narain Kartikeyan

The fastest Indian in the world is now proud of another feather in his car er… cap. Narain has been roped in by Team Kolles for the LeMans 24 hour race as well as the European Le Mans series after he impressed the owners during tests in the Audi R10 TDI LMP1 Sports car. Narain will take part in the 24 hour endurance race at Le Mans on June 13-14. The first race for Narain on the Team Kolles car will be at the European Le Mans Series in Spa which will take place on Sunday.

Will this mean that his sponsers, the Tata Group and JK will sport their logos on this iconic sports car? The Tata’s and JL’s will get an exposure like never before.

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  1. India Travel Guide says

    He definately has done India proud !!

    The Tata’s and JL’s will get an exposure like never before == definately and it’s GOOD exposure too !

  2. Aswin says

    I believe that the Tatas have enough exposure already. Probably JK, yes.

  3. Varun says

    he sure has done India proud! and yea, he couldn’t have asked for a prettier start – La Source and Eau Rouge are one of the world’s most dramatic openers. and the length of the whole circuit is another thing to admire! Go Narain! I do feel awesome to see an Indian at this level and also feel good to see a person from my home town of Madras being one of the best!

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