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Now the Bulls will roar – Sensex Outlook after elections


Now that every one knows what happened yesterday all of you people will be guessing what will happen to Sensex, the benchmark index. If you do not know; the Great Indian Elections that were held in four phases last month where the United Progressive Alliance, led by Congress won with majority defeating BJP and others who posed a threat on them.

Given that Dalal street has a soft corner for Congress and vice – versa, the Sensex will gain more. From my earlier prediction, I said that Sensex will gain up to 15,000 levels by the end of the June. However looking at the volatility in the market, I will revise it to a more modest 13,800 levels. But I would also like to maintain that Sensex may cross the 14,200 mark and may even go up to 15,000 levels.

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  1. Kadambari says

    Yea.. I read about predictions both on TV as well as newspapers. So long as it helps in some way, it’s always good!

    By the way, your web page is really cool! 🙂

    1. Hemz says

      Hey, thanks. I hope can I make it more better…

  2. george villarreal says

    i congratulate you for this important forecast in Indian economics

    1. Hemz says

      Thanks George. I will try to keep doing that…

  3. SM says

    yes i agree it will rise,but how many days you think it will stay upto 15k mark .

    Hemal i wanted to ask you, can you suggest what changes i should make to my blog, please review it or give me suggestions .about font,colour, anything what you feel including English ,I am trying to improve it ,paying it attention.

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