Do Genius, Ek Taakat: Aamir & Darsheel in Parle Ad

The TPZ combination of Aamir and Darsheel carries forward the “G maane Genius” theme for the Biscut major.The brilliant combination of both the characters of Taare Zaamen Par movie makes the advertisment stand out, this time with a new titile. Do Genius, Ek Taakat (two Genius and one Power) where the power of Parle.G drives Aamir and Darsheel.

Parle.G Do Genius, Ek Taakat advert on YouTube

The advertisment showcases how important it is to have Parle G (the brand) to keep up the memory. The alternative idea which is generated in the kid’s (Darsheel) mind in conveying the name of Gappi aunty. Aamir gets the hits from Darsheel and saves a day!

Score: 3/5

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