Rajasthan Tourism Adverts hit a high note

Rajasthan Tourism Advertisements - Jaane kya dikh jaaye (ring tones)
Rajasthan Tourism Advertisment

The best musical advertisement I have heard in years! Especially for an government organization!

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Ever since I first heard and watched the advertisement of Rajasthan Tourism, I fell in love with it immediately. It is perhaps one of the most captivating advertisement I have seen in a while. So smitten by it that I actually had to extract the background score and song out of these videos and add these as ring tones on both of my phones. It warranted a review! These Rajasthan tourism ringtones are conversation starters, I must tell you! I have compiled these ring tones (.mp3) from their offical videos!

The Advertisment

Shot by Ogilvy and Mather, the advertisement itself is a piece of art. Showcasing everything that Rajasthan is famous for, and showing things that you and I never imagined existed in Rajasthan. A classic example of this is “Huansthan”, where a Chinese tourist is shown breathing in the view at Great Wall of Rajasthan (Kumbhalgarh).

Indian Tourism advertisement race was started by Kerala Tourism department, with their “God’s own country” campaign. It was a huge success, and today we know that Kerala is renowned across geographies. Soon followed by India Tourism department, with the !ncredible India campaign.

Garadia Mahadev Temple Kota
Garadia Mahadev Temple Kota

While campaigns like Incredible India, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Tourism adverts have been hits, this one from Rajasthan knocks it out of the park. I am so absolutely in love with these campaigns that I keep seeing them again and again.

Rajasthan Tourism focuses on their strengths, which include scenic locations and music. The latter is the single strongest factor that pulls its viewers.

The song, Maati baandhe painjanee, is a brilliant composition of a folk song, done using modern instruments. Here is the first four lines of the song with its meaning.


That means –
The land is wearing anklets,
The sky is wearing bangles,
The clouds have taken different shapes,
The gorgeous revolving and rotund land

Rajasthan Tourism Ringtones

Sure, I heard it on someone’s phone. But I was not happy with the quality of the tones. Hence I had to sit through for a couple of hours to write this post and to extract the best possible quality ringtones for my phones. I hope you will love these!

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Want to download these ring tones?

I love these songs used in the advertisements so much that I wanted to make them into ringtones. Whatever I searched on the internet was not good enough, and hence I went ahead and created these MP3s myself.

Collection of Rajasthan Tourism Advertisments

I could have just given out the YouTube Channel link, but decided to add individual advertisements just in case it does not get lost in the host of other videos that they upload.

Indianomics ADMix – Compiliation of all Rajasthan Tourism Ads

Meerasthan – Rajasthan through Meera’s eyes

Aryastan – Rajasthan through Arya’s eyes

Huanstan – Rajasthan through Huan’s eyes

Binoystan – Rajasthan through Binoy’s eyes

Janesthan – Rajasthan through Jane’s eyes (my personal favorite)

Musicstan – A musical journey through Rajasthan (full song available in the download link)

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