New Ad: Suzuki GS150R

Suzuki GS150R

The new Suzuki GS150R advertisment does not carry the charm it actually needs. The very concept of a girl going for the bike instead of the guy is now common. What makes this ad different is open show of a foreplay the girl gets involved on the bike. This open show may not be likeable for many, but that what is catching up in this advertisment.

The Ad clearly lacks the finnesse, sound is actually better, but the hissing sound of foreplay actually kills it. The ad leaves a room for improvement. Conceptually, the Bajaj DTSi advertisments score much better than any other bike adverts currently doing the rounds. And this advertisment is anyday better than the pathetic HH Gladiator advertisment. HH Gladiator has an advert which shows that when you are on the bike, you can guess any girl’s mind seriously fails against this one and the Bajaj DTSi adverts.

Score: 2/5

  1. akash says

    Very good post. Suzuki GS150R has got decent looks with neat finish and great pick up. Sharing my personal experience – Most of the time i find people giving a definite glare at my bike.

    1. Hemz says

      Yes it does look decent dude… but i am not sure about finish.. its 6 speed which is a first in India..

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