Save Water, Respect the Elements – one cutting at a time!

An advertisement promoting saving water had me thinking...

#CuttingChai becomes #CuttingPaani - An indigenous save water campaign

Livpure is a latest entrant in the purified water space (or at least in my knowledge), and they are doing a lot to promote themselves. What surprised me was this new idea of Save Water campaign! Oft ignored restaurant water is one of the targets here. Once you see the advert, you immediately connect it to your own experience at a restaurant. So let’s recap and see the videos, shall we?

Save Water in Offices!

While you can understand saving water, however it is important to also save water everywhere! Especially corporate offices, where one spends a good nine hours a day.

Save Water at homes!

It is a no-brainer. Often I have seen guests not fully drinking water in the glass. Of course, I am not going to frown on you if you ask for more water, so why not ask for half water if you do not want it full. 🙂

Save Water at Restaurants!

This is novel idea. The ideator should get rewarded for coming up with this brilliant campaign that connects with the audience the best!

Have a Cutting Water!

Now cutting water is an interesting take, however it will be difficult for every Indian to understand this language. Typical of Mumbai, the Cutting Chai is the quintessential half glass of tea that keeps the Mumbaikar going. The terminology and its use is spread across India, however sporadically.

This is something that I already do at my home – carry a jar of water to a guest and ask how much should I pour. It is often under looked aspect, but thanks to Livpure’s campaign, I expect it to gain huge momentum. What they now need to do is to ensure that people do not forget it.

How Livpure and other brands can help?

One of the things with we Indians is that it is easy for us to forget that a small change will help our future. In spite of it being absolutely essential for our generation to do, we often go with the flow and it fizzles out in the long run. Brands like Livpure can keep the theme campaign going but ensuring they give us timely reminders of such instances.

One of the things they can do is to allow people to share their own videos of ordering a cutting paani when at the restaurant. Of course, not as professional as they have shot. An incentive should keep the momentum going.

How can you help save more water?

Livpure has started a campagin to save water in this unique way, calling it #CuttingPaani. I would encourage you to sign up for the change already, yeah! When you sign the petition, team at Livpure will be submitting the petition to restaurant owners and concerned government authorities to take appropriate measures for the implementation of #CuttingPaani

Should Livpure extend the petitions to corporates as well? Absolutely.

This article is written for IndiChange with IndiBlogger.


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