New Age of Advertisments: Increasingly Creative

Bajaj Pulsar adverts

Bajaj DTSI Bike Advert – The Twisted Sisters

The all new Bajaj XCD advert is the sign of extreme advertising. The whole concept of two girls fighting in a semi Kung fu style mixed with Matrix effects, without any reason invites curiosity. Bajaj has always been targeting affluent and young buyers. It nevers creates boaring advertisments for its bikes like Hero Honda does (the Glamour ad is too bad taste). The Bike is showcased as a substance of importance in the climax,  and fight is for who will be the pillion rider of the two sisters.

The scene has been brilliantly captured to show how important it was for the girls to get the ride. The very fact that the advertisiers have used two girls in co-realtion with the DTSi (Twin or two Spark) Technology the bike posseses.

Video link on Twisted Sisters

The sound playing when the bike comes to the picture is like a formula1 car when the bike comes into the picture. Which sounds so unreal for Bajaj bikes which are famous for the sweet soft sound.

I am so damn impressed!

Bank of Baroda – Baroda Next

Old lady and blessings Advert has invited my curiosity of late. It makes me realize how many times do we send DTMF over the cell phone and landlines. For almost every other service on the phone requires you to type numerous numbers.

Then we come of an age where even for an Aashirwad (Blessings) we need to choose what we need using a DTMF entry! Funny isn’t it. The grandma shown it the advert complements the role. The attention to detail is quite good. The quivering of the grandma adds an invisible charm.

The aim of the advertisment is to introduce the Bank’s new service which enables easier banking, than the normal wait and serve. The ad makes us realise the need for easier access and simpler banking.

I have not found any video or images or any details for this advertisment. As soon as I get one, will post here.

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