What’s Wrong with people: Attacks everywhere

the hindu sena

The LTTE attacked back in Srilanka a la 9/11 style in Colombo. Chennai is in doldrums after Shoot at sight orders have been issued after protests by Lawyers over arrest of a fellow laywer. And the Cheif Minister, in his hospital bed issues a note saying it is a political conspiricy.

Almost every state in India is a victim of some or other political issue.

Andhra: Satyam Scam has brought the rivalary of Naidu and YSR, Ruckus in Parliment

Tamil Nadu: The Lawyers of Chennai are the aimed on Guns, with shoot at sight order.

Kerala: The minister is accused of corruption

Karnataka: BJP and Ram Sene had created ruckus of themselves by beating girls and boys.

Maharashtra: Narayan Rane is inducted in the cabinet as Industrial Minister, which he does not want!
Maharashtra gov summons MNS chief over university row

Gujarat: Govt wants to table the Godhra report

Madhya Pradesh: In Nagpur workers of the Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha ransacked some cabins including that of the Pro-VC in Nagpur university.

Uttar Pradesh: Action sought against Amar Singh for avoiding forex taxes for donating money for the Clinton Foundation, Ruckus at Assembly

Rajasthan: In Jaipur, students protested at the at the education department. Members of the BJP youth wing protested against the government’s decision to stop recruitment for various posts in the department.

Delhi: The Speaker gets frustrated with MP’s demands, curses them. Former Telecom minister convicted after unaccounted money was found at his residence.

PATNA: An irate mob of Patna University (PU) students ransacked the university office and damaged the gates to protest for extension of the last date for submission of examination forms

Haryana: Former deputy CM who changed his faith and name for his girlfriend “Fiza” now not to be seen anywhere.

And some more…

This is so rediculous. We are creating ruckus of our own system. Everyday, we go out for work hoping that nothing nasty happens. Now you just have to believe that you dont need to wait for a terrorist to strike a blow, it can happen because of your very own people to press for some demand. Also, there is a serious problem with the way the people at the helm of the governement conduct their business.

NO longer, people of India follow Ghandhiji’s footsteps of Non-violence and peace.

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