F1 Controversy: The Sebastian Vettel rant and why

Sebastian Vettel, the four times F1 World Champion, the German driving a Ferrari, gave out a rant to Max Verstappen, the hottest talent on the grid. It of course has to be a news. A click bait, if you will.

Call it a professional sport and denounce Vettel for the rant and offensive abuses he used. But truth be told, no other sport is devoid of it. Just because F1 allows you to read/listen to the radio conversations between the driver and his engineer, should not really mean that it does not happen elsewhere. Back home, Virat Kholi is famous for his rants, using cuss words that people understand doing a lip reading.

“He’s a c***”. Said the frustrated German, pointing his anger to Max. Earlier, Max and Seb were fighting for 3rd when, under pressure, Max cut chicane to keep his 3rd position from Vettel, who was faster. Following Vettel was Daniel Ricciardo, driving the other RedBull and Max’s team mate.
Max was driving in front of Vettel, ignoring the instructions to hand over the place to Seb, and instead Max was pushing back Seb closer to Ricciardo. This was deliberate, according to Seb, so that either Ricciardo can take Seb over, or if Ricciardo overtakes Seb, he does not have to relinquish the 3rd place.

That really was the turning point of what is now a highly publicized conversation.

With the verbal attack on Charlie Whiting is what I would not take lightly, given that it was Max who was flouting the orders Charlie had already issued. It is no justification, the frustration inside that cockpit should be running really high. Mistakes happen. With the news already out that Vettel apologized to Charlie, it should close the matter.

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Of course, you can’t. It is just human to question a lot more than what you are being told. Hamilton’s 1st lap adventure did not get investigated. Rosberg fought with Verstappen and made a tour outside of track as well. Then, after the 3rd was awarded to Vettel, he got penalized himself for driving like Verstappen did for once.

This is what I do not understand!

Max Verstappen does not get penalized for moving under breaking, is being criticized by Seb. Seb adopts that style of driving too for once, but gets penalized and snatched a podium. Lewis Hamilton goes Scott free too. Either the stewards wanted to make things more lively with regards to the championship, or it is apparent that Seb cussing Charlie made him mad.. either ways, something isn’t right and it ought to be.

From: Sebastian Vettel No it’s not right. I don’t stay calm. He’s just blocking me into Ricciardo
To: Sebastian Vettel OK Verstappen has to give you the position. Watch for Ricciardo behind.
From: Sebastian Vettel Move, move for [censored by FOM] sake.
To: Sebastian Vettel He has been informed, he has to move.
From: Sebastian Vettel He is a [censored by FOM]. Am I the only one or are you not seeing what I’m seeing? He’s just backing me off into Ricciardo. [Censored by FOM]
To: Sebastian Vettel You have to fight within. Charlie…
From: Sebastian Vettel What the hell are you talking about? He cut the chicane.
From: Sebastian Vettel And now he’s brake-testing me.
From: Sebastian Vettel I mean honestly I think I’m going to hit someone. I think I have a puncture. Rear left.
To: Sebastian Vettel Tyres are fine.
From: Sebastian Vettel He has to give me the position. End of the story.
To: Sebastian Vettel Charlie said that… Charlie said.
From: Sebastian Vettel Yeah? Here’s a message to Charlie: [Censored by FOM] off. Honestly, [censored by FOM] off
From: Maurizio Arrivabene Sebastian calm down. They are under investigation I know it is not fair. But calm down. Put your head down and we will talk afterwards.
From: Sebastian Vettel OK, copy Maurizio.
From: Sebastian Vettel I think I showed enough. I mean, overtaking is not a walk in the park. So to me it is clear. That’s the last what I’m saying.
From: Maurizio Arrivabene Sebastian we understand, we talk afterwards and we want to talk with FIA. You have done a great race, really, I am proud of you.
From: Sebastian Vettel Grazie ragazzi. Mate, strategy worked well. Shame about yesterday because the pace was there. Grazie.

Pics courtsey Ferrari Website

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