VJM07: Force India Launches their livery

Force India broke its own record earlier yesterday when they launched their new livery. On the outset, this is by far their best looking car since they started in 2009 and this is a long way coming.

“The VJM07 looks stunning and the new livery reflects the way Sahara Force India is evolving,” says Vijay Mallya. “I’ve always believed our cars have been the most eye-catching, but adding black as a main color gives us a fierce new look”. The new livery brings a fresh trackside image for the team with the introduction of black alongside the traditional colors of saffron, white and green. (Reports FIF1 website)

The new livery is really attractive, and looks really aggressive unlike any of the previous editions. The predominant White has been replaced with Black, while retaining Orange and a slightly brighter green color.

Add to this an all new driver line up with one of the sought after pairing, it all looks positive for Force India. They have been consistently improving and are a very strong midfielders who, many across the world, not only in India, look up to. Everyone is expecting a podium from the Silver stone based team with such a strong setting, time will only tell how they would stack up against formidable competition.

The new design is based on the 2013 car VJM06, and looks a lot similar except for the odd nose design (to meet the new regulations). However, Andrew Green, Technical Director at Force India explains that the new car is different compared to its predecessor.

“Almost every single part is a new design, from the front wing right back to the diffuser. The genetics of the VJM07 still lie in the 2013 car, but we’ve had to achieve the same results in a slightly different way.”

Image Credits: ForceIndia F1 Website

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