F1: An array of new cars, same old story

Oh yes, so we finally have concluded the first test and know more on how teams spent their winter. This year, the bells and whistles on car launches are far far less and many have opted for a soft, on the test day launch. Gone are the days, when F1 Car launches were a fanfare.

By now, you may have seen the liveries for all the competitors – do you like any of them in particular? Let me know in the comments below.

From all of the liveries, I would love to get rid of the black and greys and replace them with some colors like Blue, Orange and Green. Blue, yes you have Sauber wearing those colors however just one is not enough. Manor went smart with their version of Blue with Red and they look fantastic. While Force India continues evaluation of VJM09 which is more of C-spec version of the B-spec version team brought ahead last year at Silverstone.

McLaren continue to struggle thanks to the Honda engine and it will be really a embarrassing if Haas F1 team outscores them. They are the only ones who have failed to impress at the recently concluded first test at Circuit de Cataluña.

F1 gimmicks being planned this year as well – you have the elimination based Qualifying starting somewhere in the middle of the season which really doesn’t help much – really. I just hope that we see the back of the bosses who made some stupid decisions. The sport continues to be expensive and it is very difficult to get by for smaller teams.



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