Why are Women Cricketers not appreciated?

I remember an article (circulated via emails) by our former President, Mr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. In which he mentions about what he found difference in newspapers in Israel and other countries. What he saw was all other news about violence and political instability (negativity) never occupied the top headlines, but achievements did. And he read about how a farmer converted a desert land into fertile land which was the Headline, unlike in India where if someone has been involved in Corruption, thats more deserving.

The other day, in the newspapers’s sports section, was the news about the Awards given to all cricketers who excelled in Cricket. There were pictures of the World Cup winning cricket team, picture of Sachin Tendulkar, Salim Durani receiving the CK Nayudu throphy, Kapil Dev at a BCCI Event and Mrs. Tendulkar and Mrs. Dhoni.

Well, obviously these are the names everyone will be eager to be know and see. But ironically, the Women Cricket awardees’ pictures were never shown, neither on the website nor on the print edition. Why?

Two Women Awardees’

M A Chidambaram Trophy (Best woman cricketer): MD Thirushkamini. (link to ICC Profile for participation in 2009 World Cup)

M A Chidambaram Trophy (Best woman cricketer junior): Reva Arora

Media should, irrespective of popularity, show all achievers. In the above case, I don’t think Mrs. Tendulkar nor Mrs. Dhoni deserved a mention on Sports page but these two Women Cricketers certainly did, so why did media not showcased these wonderful women? And if they were not there for the event, were they even invited?

What was more disheartening is that I could not find these two women’s profile on BCCI website. Using the site archive search on google, I tried Googling site:BCCI.tv Sachin Tendulkar and found many links, but on searching site:BCCI.tv Reva Arora I got nothing.

I am awaiting a mail reply from the Punjab Cricket Association on where I can find a link to the profile of Ms. Reva Arora. (The mail sent to PCA members, email ids that were available here)

to    isbindra@cricketpunjab.com
cc    bcgupta@cricketpunjab.com, mppandove@cricketpunjab.com, dpreddychd@gmail.com, skkakkar@cricketpunjab.com, gssandhu40@yahoo.com

subject: Profile of Women Cricket Players

Hello Respected Sirs,

I was wondering and trying find out profiles of the two women cricketers awarded recently during the BCCI awards. One of them belongs to your state, Ms. Reva Arora. I was appalled to see that whole media, including the BCCI website never shown these two women receiving awards. Their names were just mentioned. If we dont promote Women cricketers like we do our Men in Blue, how will the future women’s cricket team be motivated to perform?

To show my protest towards the same, I decided to blog about it as its my media and I felt these two women deserved some credit as well.

If you are aware of any links that exist of Ms. Reva Arora’s profile on BCCI website or your Punjab Cricket Association website, please do share with me as I would like to draw my blog reader’s attention to the achievements of Ms. Reva Arora.

Awaiting your reply sir.

Hemal Shah

What BCCI Needs to do?

The BCCI website is still not complete, even after it came to force two years back. Is it too difficult for BCCI to complile a list of players and create individual profiles with their performance records? At least for those who have recieved the awards to start off with? Being the richest Cricket body in the world, the richest sport association than the bigger Football clubs out there, why can’t such a small thing be done?

BCCI needs to start providing this data base of players who have been playing for India or their regional cricket associations. With the might of BCCI, they can promote Women Cricket so much more than what it is now. Half of India does not even know who is the Women’s Cricket team captain or even if the Team itself exist.

Wake up BCCI.


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