Finally, a smirk back in face

India’s loss against England comes as an eye opener and I am just happy that it happened. Team India was flying with some over confidence and it was a bit too much for the selectors to ignore the experienced players.

Ideally, having Sachin in team adds much value than having him on the stands. He does makes a difference to the opposition. What now has happened after commercialization of IPL in a big way, BCCI is trying to show the world that its a hit format to find the best players. I agree with that, but certainly not at the cost of loseing experienced players from the team.

What we saw for the last two matches is a complete disaster of batting lineup! I just missed seeing the raging fire in our cricketers of today that we had two years ago when we brought the ICC T20 World Cup.

More so, this comes at an apt time since the Team now has something to focus on. Not doubting Dhoni on his captaincy, I think he needs to grow his hairs back to get the team going 😉

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  • sm

    now the comedy blame game will start.

  • Ramya

    haahha! I heard people telling that the new jerseys are jinxed. This is another new theory, dhoni needs to grow his hair!