What is Microsoft doing right, and wrong for Windows Phone?

Well to those who know me, I am an Windows Phone fan, so much so that my entire family now has windows phone (I bought them). But off late, I am unhappy about a few things that I need to voice it out.

Windows Phone 8 showed immense promise to the world, with its Metro UI and 8.1 just enhanced it. But since then, Microsoft has been pretty much playing catch up with iOS and Google’s Android. Last it was known, Android had pretty much of 80% market share which is rather impressive if you also know that it is the newest software platform here. iOS, when launched, was based on Mac OS X and Microsoft always made its mobile OS and had often positioned it as the Business Phone. But Microsoft being the most experienced has had not been able to transform it all to this new OS.

The Apps of the Ecosystem

I do not know why many of the app developers stay away from Microsoft. A few of the apps that I use daily are missing and this hurts. But what hurts more is the fact that iOS and Android has far latest versions of Office than Windows itself. That stings! Microsoft was able to lure in King, among the newest of famous game developers to bring in its popular CandyCrush game on, but Windows Phone is missing Magzter and Quora apps.

The right: Microsoft wants to ensure rivals like Google Docs are not able to make much inroads into its major software line of Office. And for that, it even released the software for free on all three platforms.

The wrong: To ignore its own OS and leaving its users with no other choice but to switch.

The Updates to OS

Microsoft has been, in its dream chase to bring the Desktop, Tablet and Phone to have same experience, has got disillusioned in many more ways. With all the good intention that they are doing it, the significant delay with which they are progressing is a bummer. To all those who have been keenly following their updates, 6 or more months in waiting is like ages! It truly is, at least in the mobile world.

The right: Windows Phone 10 will be a huge improvement and will be launched for all existing phones on Windows 8 and 8.1

The wrong: Taking too much time in delivery of software updates by vendors and its own mobile division (read Nokia) is really ruing the experience for users.

The Look and Feel

What people like Joe Belfiore and others need to really know, as with every OS update and especially when you skipped to version 10, you need to bring in noticeable change – which Windows 10 for Phones is not. Yes there are huge changes, but there is nothing really different than what is available on iOS and Android.

The right: Developing the existing look and feel to ensure seamless migration of experience

The wrong: Not making a noticeable change.

The Google Trouble

Google has notoriously stayed away from developing apps for its services from Windows Phone. Even after much cajoling, it finally had the Microsoft created YouTube app removed. Baring one Google Search app, nothing else is available from Google. For those (like my wife) who need it are unable to own Windows Phones. Microsoft has such a great ecosystem of Office Apps that it should shy away from Android all together for how Google has been treating it. But Microsoft has gone ahead and done the reverse. While it may have made huge sense from a business stand-point, but it has left a bitter taste for Windows Phone’s followers.

The right: Nothing, really!

The wrong: Everything!

  1. The Sorcerer says

    LAWL! MS shouldn’t have tried to piss off the PC Master Race by removing the start button and force the ‘touch screen’ culture down on every user’s throats. Even banks and offices that rely on PC (and AIO PC) don’t use the windows 8, even pay for windows 7. I remember when few folks used to say that hardware for PC desktop can only grow if Microsoft allows it. Alas, windows 8 fell flat.

    I am really looking to Windows 10 though. I haven’t used the preview version but I heard good things about it. Alas, I have a windows 8 copy that I never even bothered using it. That disc and key is just lying there in a corner.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      😀 😀

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