The Curious Case of Delhi

Delhi is being hailed by many as the experimental capital for politics. And I sort off agree.

AAP is poised to have a strong season this time around and may even be successful enough to grab their first majority in their three elections they fought. They are showing the way of fighting elections that majority of parties have not done so far. With their limited budget they have been able to turn things around unlike BJP which has unlimited budget so to speak.

They also have upgraded themselves, no more stupidity and appear to be much more like a political party. Their experience with contesting two elections reaping them great rewards it seems. And my guess is that this will catch up in other urban areas as well. On the face of it, I am not supporting either of parties but I love seeing the underdog winning at times. 🙂

The worst impacted is Congress – there are hardly people even thinking that Congress will be posing a challenge at all. The rut with which they were dethroned in 2014 has seemed to have a lasting effect and unless Rahul Gandhi gets married and settles abroad, nothing is going to happen.

Speaking of Jr. Gandhi, with Kiran Bedi BJP tried to play a master stroke, but turns out it’s fizzled the chutzpah out. Amit Shah’s understanding scuttled at what Kiran can speak. If she has done anything it is bringing the Modi Wave out of its peak and made people think really hard. Unlike assembly elections, the fever did not catch up and that itself is AAP’s single biggest strength this time around.

Let us wait and see what results turn out tomorrow.

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