Air India gains a bit of its lost market share

Air India is improving its performance, thanks to a tighter control on its bad practices, which is a good news. Although it has the 4th largest Market Share in India out of 6 Airlines is never a biggie, the best part is that it has started making profits in certain sectors. Profit or not, I strongly believe that Air India should be able to compete on par with all Private and International Players on almost every aspect, and not only Price.

I am tracking Air India’s progress on my blog as it is and will be my favorite airline for reasons unbeknownst to myself.

Below is the chart with Market Share of all Domestic Scheduled Airlines in India (except Air Mantra).

About Chart: Chart is created using the Data is from DGCA India website which tracks Domestic Airline Market Share, Passenger Load Factor and other compliance related tracking. I deliberately removed Mantra (a Religare Group company, has its base in Chandigarh and flies to Amritsar and Dehradun using small aircraft) as its Market Share was almost 0%. Chart created using Google Chart API. My only dislike to this chart is it never allowed me to change the Font type.

  1. Ruchika @ HighSalary Jobs says

    Nice one… and you provided some good stats as well on the issue. Thanx for sharing it.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Hi Ruchika,

      Thanks for the visit and your comments.

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