Religious Clashes – Why do we need them at first place?

If you had a chance to read my post on The Great Indian Elections of 2014, there is something I had already said but did not anticipate it any time soon. Yes I am talking about the recent Communal clashes at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

For once, there is no clarity on what caused the riots – with numerous stories doing rounds on social networks. And I have seen a few of my friends on Facebook starting to post messages – things that say or give more importance of Hindutva or Hindu Nationalism. I choose to ignore those messages, however many others may not.

Following these clashes, an announcement by BJP led me to write on this. BJP announced that they will send Modi to Muzaffarnagar too. 

Also, one accused BJP MLA of instigating people in Muzaffarnagar, even went on record to say that “They wanted me to praise (Narendra) Modi and hear only about him and Hindutva. The feeling of every youth in the gathering was that only Modi can save them”.

Statements like these are clear indication of how we have injected ourselves as a nation into vote-bank politics and communal-ism. The Political forces have time and again manipulated our country’s politics to amass the support of people with sole intention of capturing power.

With the advent of BJP’s campaign on making Modi their Prime Ministerial candidate, it is no secret that VHP went ahead with its 84 kosi parikrama yatra and to urge MPs to work towards framing a law and promote it manifestos that would help construct Ram Temple in the place of Babri Masjid.

Mr. Pravin Tagodia, the main man-face of VHP also said that Yatra was hindered due to Azam Khan and reportedly said “the government is not run by Akhilesh Yadav but Azam Khan”. He even went on to say “If Azam Khan is dreaming of turning Uttar Pradesh into Mughalistan, we would not allow its and give a befitting reply to it democratically.”

Why do we need such clashes at first place?

India has seen, in last 66 years of its independence, more trouble that it deserves. And with such Vote bank politics, things are looking really dangerous. Who knows, what happened in Muzaffarnagar was an outcome of such commentary by VHP?

A lot of people on social networks have been talking about media’s lack of full coverage and attention to Muzaffarnagar as more to do with Hindus – since this time it is not Muslims but Hindus at the receiving end, Media has turned a blind eye?

Media needs news will concentrate on something that will make them money always. But some times (and thankfully so!) they know what could cause major calamity.

As an Indian, I do not feel like being talking about any religion in any manner that would be negative. Let us all just accept the fact that we all co-exist. You do not choose your religion, you get it as a gift (or pain as atheists would like to put) from your parents.

Being religious is be good and be followed, as long as it does not affect any one else negatively. We all had been bashing Islamist groups for their approach towards Jihad and what this is no different.


The one solution to this is will be to Ban religious politics. No Political party should portray or promote religious views – politicians should keep them to your own self. Good question. I like the way you think 🙂  These very parties would not let such a law be passed, neither the ruling party nor the opposition.

The other will be to stop this Majority – Minority divide. Again, who will do this? Because they know, they are loosing their way to win votes by doing both the solution.

But does it ever occur to them that they can hold Development of We the People as their utmost important trump card? Nah, they are just too lazy to work.

So what do you think about this article?

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