That rape thing is not good… media banks on a story yet again!


It is another gang rape, this time in Mumbai. We have been unable to wake up even after 16th December tragedy with Damini. The recent news of gang rape in Mumbai struck me like a bolt, that too in an area like Lower Parel at 6.30 PM in the evening.

The place was secluded, the property belonging to erstwhile Shakti Mills, and no one could hear her screams. Why in the world are we even trying them. At best, the rapists should be hanged and made an example for others – do it and you meet the similar fate.

I think a lot of this has been said in the news channels, papers, internet and almost everywhere and was deciding against writing one, though my heart and prayers go out to the victim and her family.

The reason I why was forced to write about was the claim made by Hindustan Times in today’s Mumbai edition. Even though the Police never said that the accused had raped many other women before, the paper went ahead and added that the accused have raped four other women (rag-pickers).

Of course, after reading that, I was furious. How dare they do it and yet not be reported for their heinous crime?

But as I started to search for the news on all other news website, I could see none of them mentioning the accused had gang raped Rag Pickers. Even though Hindustan Times did not quote the officer’s name who shared this information, I only wonder why other news agencies did not pick this.

In a case this indeed was true, then this is the most shameful thing I have heard of in ages. You cannot call this city safe.

I saw another update on Facebook, which really made sense to me. It goes like this…

Till you have criminals in the parliament, you will find criminals on the roads too…

So true. As long as you will have offenders, politicians who break the law for their own advantage, people at large too, will do. You either have a choice not to vote or vote for a criminal – choice is yours!

I have listed down a lot of reasons why a rape can happen on my thread on The effects and ill-effects of the protests over rape in Delhi.

So what do you think about this article?

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