Increasing number of deaths on tracks…

The recent tragedy at Dharma Ghat has brought forth the long standing issue of deaths on the tracks. The tragedy, which killed 37 people (mostly women and kids), is currently marred in the blame game between the Railway Board, Railway Protection Force (RPF) and Government Railway Police (GRP).

Apparently, people flocked Dharma Ghat because the day being last day of the holy month of Sawaan or Shrawan. The local train arrived at Dharma Ghat was over crowded due to this event, and the Railways were aware of the crowd turnout. The railway station does not have a Foot Over Bridge so the passengers are forced to cross the tracks.

As per their plans, all trains running that stretch were supposed to run max at the speed of 80KMph, however this was not informed to the driver. This would have helped to slow down the train in a timely manner and accident could have been averted. So clearly, the blame is on Railway Board.

People & Safety

Indians have notoriously ignored safety warnings and their own self care. Every year, about 50,000 people die on Railway tracks. A good number of them are non-passengers.

Knowing that they are putting their lives at risk by crossing the tracks should be a reason enough to be careful. But its alarming that even after the announcements are made, people rarely obey. You can see this happening in Mumbai every day.

People cause their own death, and entire organization bears the brunt. However, building a FOB is a must for all railway stations and railways cannot step back from their responsibilities.

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