Its a new domain! Indianomics gets its own domain name…

Hey Folks!

I have moved my blog from to

This move for me personally was somewhat challenging since my domain name housed this blog for a good 5 years, and today the move finally happened. In a way, I felt bad about moving the blog, loosing all the Google Juice I had been getting for all these years. But it had to get its own identity and here we are officially unveiling my new domain.

The theme is the latest WP Twenty Thirteen, which came standard along with WordPress 3.6 version. Over the coming days, I may change it or make it more usable.

Thank you all my regular readers, who have been a great source of inspiration and my lovely wife who supports my adventures, online and offline.

Thank you, and keep coming for more!

  1. jakehess says

    Congrats on the move, just updates my rss reader. Also, in order to keep the linkjuice up you might want to go a proper 301 redirect. Use the SEO Moz forums to find out more.
    This link should get you started

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you Jakehess for your comment. I have already set up 301 redirects on my old blog url, which is why the move took me longer than anticipated.

  2. Arti says

    Hey. Congratulations and I am sure you will get all your google juice very soon! All you need to do is have some patience and keep blogging. 😛 For now though, you can try building up a bit on your new domain by honoring my diary with a travel guest post (something on Kerala, maybe), if you wish so. 🙂

    And to add something more, your move is inspiring me to do the same as well.. Not sure if moving to a custom domain would be the right thing to do, esp. since I have almost nil knowledge on these things but I guess that should be the right thing to do — right now.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you very much Arti! I think this could be a great idea to do a guest post on your blog.. I am not much worried about the Google juice, since i have set permanent redirects on my old blog url, so all the links that are pointing to my old blog automatically go to the new blog, including the page urls.

      Moving to a your own domain is the right thing to do –
      1) it gives you a complete brand identity
      2) it gives you more freedom on how you market the blog
      3) or Self hosted WordPress is the best Blogging software in the market

      More than that, it adds an invisible value.. which is the impression on your readers mind. I have seen that happen, felt that happening.

      And do not worry that you do not know much about this.. I have been there, done that so I can surely help 🙂

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