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We will have 29th State now, Telangana


Yes, till yesterday we had 28 and today it has become 29 divided regions in India. The new State, Telangana was finally given the green light by the Congress Working Committee.

A state that is being carved out with 41% of Andhra Pradesh’s population, but its contribution to state revenues is 76% of the total revenues.

Now, if you are wondering why is the hue and cry about Telangana then this is a must read.

  1. Telengana region opposed the move to unify with Andhra Pradesh as one state in 1950, under Government’s directive to create states based on language
  2. Telengana region did not want to form unified state even though all regions speak the same language.
  3. After the unification, first protests started to raise beginning in year 1952
  4. Since then, protests over separate state had been always there, with instances getting louder during 1969, 1972 and then 2000 on
  5. Major bone of contention in today’s time are
    1. Projects for irrigation did not largely benefit people in Telangana region
    2. Region generates larger revenue as compared to other regions, and feel they are being utilized for development of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions
    3. Politicians from Telangana region have not represented / are not supported for Chief Minister ship (only 10.5 years of the 50+ years since the state was formed)
    4. Only 20% of the total Government employees, less than 10% of employees in the secretariat, and less than 5% of department heads in the Andhra Pradesh government are from Telangana; those from other regions make up the bulk of employment.
    5. People needed higher say in state of affairs, have more developmental funds for themselves and funds to be used for development in Telangana region.
  6. Protests for the separate state sped up after death of former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Y. S. R. Reddy
  7. In the year 2009, Government of India announced process for formation of Telangana as a separate state
  8. The process stalled due to violent protests in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions
  9. According to reports, an estimated 300 people died for the cause either for separate Telangana state or a single Andhra Pradesh state.
  10. Self-immolation by 16 people, averaging age of 23 (youngest aged 17), in protests for creation of Telangana as a separate state.
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