Money for Inter Galactic transactions now? What next?

Ruffling through the news paper today, I found a rather interesting piece of news. What will be the money used by Aliens / humans in space?

Wait, what? I did not understand the need for us to think what money will we use for inter galactic transactions. Who needs them now, when we don’t have any line of sight in which year first human settlement happens in, say Mars or one of Moons of Neptune?

But this bold, rather odd and stupid (I might bite my own words later) move is coming from PayPal who changed the way money travels across countries. The eBay subsidiary has already proved to be a behemoth in the online payment industry, and is being challenged by at least 50 new other competitors in the market today who offer much better user experience.


While all of this hoopa-halla around the Inter Galactic transactions (Space Money) started happening after Orbital Technologies’ planned space hotel, and trying to imagine that what will you pay for your morning coffee with? (source: GigaOM)

It would have been much better if PayPal currently focuses on securing their transactions, or better still trying to invent the new Internet, which is the need for the day. I find this move really stupid. BitCoins is already trying to redefine and create a International currency, which itself is  and not a fully fledged and is not universally accepted as payment mechanism yet.

Earth Money
Let’s first get an International Currency!

So instead of thinking of creating money for space, please start getting our Earth sorted. Thank you!

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  1. Prabhu Patel says

    Stumbled across your article while searching for reviews on the RE Himalayan FI, more specifically the Sleet version. Great read about your ride to Kerala. Enjoyed the videos too.
    Safe riding and travels.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you Prabhu! Welcome to my blog ?

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