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Hey, people! The site you are browsing now is secure now with a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL that encrypts the data that will transfer between the hosting server of my site and your computer or mobile device.

What does this mean?

It was not common place to get a certificate for a website that is not indulging in a financial transaction till a year ago. However, of late, there seems to be an upswing to this trend.

See, Google pretty much controls most of the means of access to an internet site. Be it with the browser, mobile or search engine. More than 90% of the people who access internet use Google in some form of another. That does scare a lot of us, yet it also helps Google to dictate terms.

Google will soon start informing users on sites that are not secure. To start with, in the Incognito mode or private browsing. So there are any forms (comments are forms) running on your website, then Google will require you to be HTTPS secure. If you have any analytics, then to you will be necessary to run HTTPS. Failing to do so will make Chrome warn the user.

In the days and times of internet where hacking a website is simple, for an alert user, a subtle warning can stop him in his tracks and rethink if he wants to hit the site or close the window.

Hence, it has become imperatives that some day soon, every website will need to be encrypted. Sooner, the better.

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