It's a small world! Really?

Today I was dining with one of my colleague Raghav, who happens to know this person, and said that this guy was his manager in his previous organization. I have often seen this guy with my colleague and even shared the same dinner table, but never spoken to him, even though we do share the typical Indian “wink” gesture and couple that with a smile.

While at the dinner, my Raghav suddenly sprang up and said to me “You know, it is really such a small world out here. You will not believe, I am surprised to know this myself but I am even more surprised that the world is so small”. At this point, I am curious on what he thinks makes the world so small? He then, for the first time in many months, introduced me to this guy – Hiren. And added up saying, Hiren and your wife had worked together for 3 years.

Wow! Here I am, sitting with my Raghav who does not know my wife so well and I am left wondering how in the world does he know Hiren (here I dont know anything about him, I thought so) used to work with her? My mind was in the state of… I was normal… but just wondering what is happening and was clueless. Hiren then spoke to me and told me that, my wife was in his team 7 years ago at the same company where my wife is still working but he had moved on.

At this time, I recollected my wife telling me many times over, about her one Project Manager who had a huge impact in her life – Hiren. Wow! This is the same guy, who my wife has got inspired off? For whom she has not left a word behind in his appreciation? It was really a small world, isn’t it? I wanted to be sure, so I dialed my wife and told her about him, and she was game to speak to him. They spoke, pleasantries were exchanged and he explained how all this connection thing happened, how did he know I was her husband. Damn, Facebook does connect people.

Small World? Really?

No, not really. The world is real huge to call it small. What makes it feel like small is the connections we all have.  In today’s age, mobile/smart phones and sites like Facebook connects people more often than it used to in yesteryear. These connections we mortals make are key to creating a circle of people known to us. You will come across these pretty often, or not so often depending upon how well connected you are. And these happen, completely and entirely, when you least expect.

There is a thrill in it, unless you experience something like that, you will never know how it feels. 🙂

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