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GPRO Grand Prix Online Racing – Understanding Driver Feedback


GPRO - Grand Prix Racing OnlineFirst a bit of the background for those who do not know GPRO (Grand Prix Online Racing). Its an online racing game site which is akin to Formula 1 racing, however there are no animations. You don’t use keyboard to race – the race itself is automated. The game is loosely based on past gaming experiences, incorporating the concepts, knowledge and experience of previous (classic) F1 manager games. Blending this knowledge with a high degree of innovative concepts and ideas, the game is unique in the world of F1 management games.

I have been participating in GPRO for some years now and it is always challenging to understand the driver feedback for qualifying and to gauge the settings.

Drive Feedback for Qualifying.

Tip: Have a driver with good technical insight, which helps in getting good driver feedback while qualifying and testing.

Based on your Driver feedback, understand the level and make changes accordingly.

+3 – Extreme: you need to reduce a lot around 170 – 300
+2 – Intense: you need to reduce by 90 – 170
+1 – Higher: you need reduce by 40 – 90
-1 – Low: Increase by 50 – 100
-1 – Lower: Increase by 100 – 150
-3 – Lowest: Increase by 150 – 300

+3 I am really missing a lot of speed in straights
+2 The car is lacking some speed in the straights
+1 The car could have a bit more speed in the straights
-1 I am missing a bit of grip in the curves
-2 The car is very unstable in many corners
-3 I cannot drive the car, there’s no grip on it

+3 No, no, no!!! Favor a lot more the low revs!
+2 The engine revs are too high
+1 Try to favor a bit more the low revs
-1 I feel that I do not have enough engine power in the straights
-2 The engine power on the straights is not sufficient
-3 You should try to favor a lot more the high revs

+3 Please, move the balance a lot more to the back
+2 I think the brakes effectiveness could be higher if we move the balance to the back
+1 Put the balance a bit more to the back
-1 I would like to have the balance a bit more to the front
-2 I think the brakes effectiveness could be higher if we move the balance to the front
-3 I would feel a lot more comfortable to move the balance to the front

+3 Please, put a lot lower ration between the gears
+2 The gear ratio is too high
+1 I cannot take advantage of the power of the engine. Put the gear ratio a bit lower
-1 I am very often in the red. Put the gear ratio a bit higher
-2 The gear ratio is too low
-3 It feels like the engine is going to explode. Put a lot higher ratio between gears

+3 The car is far too righ. Lower a lot of rigidity
+2 The suspension rigidity is too high
+1 The car is too rigid. Lower a bit the rigidity
-1 I think with a bit more rigid suspension I will be able to go faster
-2 The suspension rigidity is too low
-3 The suspension rigidity should be a lot higher

  1. rio says

    I don’t know how to break this news to you. But it has to be done.
    you have been awarded Leibster award.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you so much Pramod!! I am honoured 🙂 🙂

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