Using which Keywords people reach my blog?

Hey folks,

I found very interesting information via Google Analytics. For one, I am surprised that this blog is being searched on Google for Lovers place in Mumbai and less of others. 😛

Very funny it may sound, but the top searched post on my blog is A Place for Lovers in Mumbai. The following Statistics of Top Keywords that were searched and landed on my blog.

1. places for couples in mumbai
2. 9773300000
3. vicks action 500
4. lovers spot in mumbai
5. lovers park in mumbai
6. private places for couples in mumbai
7. reliance gsm network review
8. maaza ad
9. starbucks coming to india
10. girl in airtel ad
11. baroda next
12. best mobile service provider in maharashtra
13. lovers place in mumbai
14. reliance gsm review
15. bajaj135
  1. PuJo says

    Hahahaha…. this is hilarious…. u…ooops i mean ur blog is famous for all the wrong reasons!!!…. lolz… lekin fir bhi… naam to hua ;)….

    1. Hemal Shah says

      hey Pujo, welcome to my blog!

      lekin fir bhi, its famous which matters, and it brings in visitors which always is a key.. right.. and searching for a private place for couples in mumbai isnt wrong, right?

  2. kp says

    Congratulations! The Directory of Best Indian Blogs is out and your nice blog figures in that. We thought, let’s announce that to you.
    Since all blogs do not have emails clearly mentioned, we have taken the liberty of telling you of this by making a comment on your latest blogpost. Hope, you don’t mind it.
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  3. Murali Krishnan says

    It will surely be surprising to see the search key words. What about the 2nd in the list – a mobile phone number? Private places or lover places seems to be the majority category. It is a reminder to me of the importance of properly tagging my posts.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Hey Murali, welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment! Sorrry about such a late reply, i was too tied up with my work.

      The number that features on the list is the Google number for India.
      Tagging is a lot more important from user friendliness and SEO perspective.

  4. Madri says

    The blog was a good read Hemal! Have heard that tags must be used carefully and chosen wisely. I have been trying to figure out whether wordpress is a good forum or if I should be moving on to blogspot. Anyway do keep writing:)
    And when you get the time do drop in at my blog

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Hey Madri, thank you for your comment and welcome to my Blog 🙂

      If you ask me Madri, WordPress is much better than Blogspot. I am using a self hosted WordPress and am very very happy with it.

  5. Mohini Puranik says

    Oh……….lover’s spot, private places for couples, lovers park, in mumbai can be found by Hemal’s blog. Thanks for the info. I didn’t know, about Mumbai and lover’s spot. 😛 ………

    Now we can say,

    LOVERS’ search is complete, just visit Hemal’s blog……..:P, 😛

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Ah, didnt you knew Mohini that Mumbai is where Bollywood is and where King Khan resides? Exactly outside his residence is where hundreds of couple daily spend loving time at Bandra Bandstand!! 🙂

      1. Mohini Puranik says

        Really not! 🙂

        1. Hemal Shah says

          Ohh, but now you know 🙂

  6. nivedhitha says

    Is that free ???
    Checking thro google analytics

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Yes Nivedhita, Its completely free.

    2. Hemal Shah says

      Sorry Nivedhita, took some time to reply. was keeping really busy. Thank you for your comments and welcome to my Blog!

      Yes, Google Analytics is free upto 5,00,000 hits per year. If your website crosses that, you can still make it available for you free but you will have a incorporate Google Adwords on your website.

  7. Avada Kedavra says

    okay did my comment go thru or did it just vanish? 😮 check your spam folder once

    1. Hemal Shah says

      @avada i dont knw why your comment was held as spam! Akmisat failed this time 🙁 anyways i have unspammed it 🙂

  8. Avada Kedavra says

    lol..interesting stats 😛
    Now you know that lovers in Mumbai actually google in order to find a place.. hehe

    1. Hemal Shah says

      yeah.. they really do avada as the places for couples in mumbai are really hard to find..

  9. Annie says

    Hey dear even moon o moon takes ppl to your blog site… 🙂
    hw cud u miss this 😛
    i just tried a random…it clicked 😉

    1. Hemal Shah says

      hey babes,
      This is the list of Top search keywords so that means this list is the most frequently searched keywords that lead to my blog 🙂

      There were more than 30 visits for the top ”places for couples in mumbai”

  10. Anil says

    Not surprising at all, considering the dearth of place in the city, and the continuing rise of real estate prices, pushing availability of space for common people out of reach.

    There’re many poems around the 10 by 14 kholi, and films around the concept as well.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Welcome to my blog Anil 🙂 and thanks for commenting

      very true, its not surprising with all the land becoming ever so costly, even the Slums…

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