Google's April 2011 Fool's hoaxes


Happy April Fool’s day!

This was not an eagerly awaited but yet exiting day for many who are living the Googlage (Stone Age, Fire Age, Fuselage, Googlage 😛 ). Google this year around dont have a big list as it did last year they have a few tricks up their sleeves anyways. Have a look and feel GoogFooled!

Chromercise your Fingers and brun Calories – A Very neat website to do things with Chrome.


Now Send emails using Gmail Motion – Gmail understands your motions via a Web Cam

AutoCompleter’s Job Vacancy – Google always keeps creating new benchmarks and here they created a new Job Title.

Two years ago I had created this Tata Nano April Fool’s special. Check it out if you have not done so already 🙂



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