Airtel Ad: Timeless Goodbye

I liked this ad so much. The new Airtel ad where the boy or the girl tells goodbye to each other but keep meeting each other within a fraction of a second. What I really like about this is to show the importance of relationships that are hard to part with. If there are any fans of this ad, post a comment on how you feel about this ad. Two television commercials are created by the agency JWT, the brand’s creative partner, are currently on-air.

The TVC begins with the couple who looks very sad as they are being separated. However, the very next moment, the guy finds the girl in a nearby cafe and is very excited to see her. Later as they walk down the street and say goodbye to each other and this time, the girl turns away, again only to see her guy again in a cab. They get into the taxi and travel for sometime and then guy asks the cabbie to stop the taxi. Next as the guy turns, the girl comes running towards the guy and hugs him. They enter a metro station and once again are very sad, as the young guy boards a train. As the train leaves, the girl once again meets the guy on the platform and happily hugs him.

There are so many people who stay apart from each other as they cannot be together, and this ad shows that distance can really be reduced.

After seeing this Advert, my dad said to me that he had wished that decades ago if this was possible.

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Update: The were numerous queries hitting this blog post asking who is the girl in the Airtel Timeless Goodbye Advert. She is Clio and she has modeled for American Apparel. Thanks to Ashish for this information.

  1. Rakshita says

    What is the name of the male actor?

  2. Bhuvana says

    I’m overwhelmed each time I watch this ad, I’m amazed how a 3 minute ad could capture the sweetness of love and the pain of separation so beautifully,poignantly!had this as my ringtone for two years, changed to smthg else,but this song and ad continues to haunt me so much that I’mback to the same ringtone again

  3. Bhuvana says

    I’m overwhelmed each time I watch this ad, I’m so amazed that a 3 minute ad could bring in so much of human emotions to the fore! this song was my ring tone for two years, changed over to smthg else but the song and advert haunts me somuch I’m back to having that as my ringtone again,

  4. Bikram Singh says

    I am a big fan of this ad… can’t explain how much I love it. The fact that they miss each other so much that saddens them and the very next moment they happen to meet up again and stay hugged and hand-holded like they would never wanna let go.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      🙂 Thanks for your comments and visiting my blog, Bikram. 🙂

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  6. Ayesha says

    Clio Zammatteo..
    has anybody googled her?
    she doesn’t look like the model in the ad..
    the ad seems to have an indian girl.. not sure about the guy (who is very cute)
    wud love to know his name 🙂

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Hey Ayesha, welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment! Sorrry about such a late reply, i was too tied up with my work.

      Yep, to your point.. i didnt feel it was her either but that is the general word out there.. so just believed it… 🙂

  7. umesh derebail says

    Airtel has succeeded in repositioning their logo and creating a new meaning in wave. I hope the company starts gaining market share. I believe the combined turnover of Airtel across global operation is around 60 k crores per annum

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Well I am not sure of that amount, but I have really not appreciated this change in the logo that personally. They had to succeed with this blitzkrieg marketing campaign coupled with the launch of 3g services, they have a strong case for sure.

  8. Akash says

    Someone asked who the girl in the ad is..

    Her name is Clio and she has modeled for American Apparel.
    Great Ad, creative and meaningful. What a way to convey the message. Lets stop worrying about “i giorni” being used as the soundtrack and the “firangi” actors angle. Just coz they could have used animated cartoons to sell you cereal and car insurance(like they do in the US) doesn’t mean they are betraying humanity. Cheers!

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Thank you Akash! Welcome to my blog!!

  9. kapil says

    i think the ad has universal appeal as nothing is needed to be spoken.
    i was wondering how to set it as a caller tune. no song number listed anywhere on this one.

    1. Hemal Shah says

      Callertune.. well if you are an Airtel user you can simply call the customer care and ask that.. aint that simple enuf?

  10. VImal says

    Who is d gal in d ad??

    1. Hemz says

      Well I have no idea..

  11. Avada Kedavra says

    Yeah this is a very sweet ad.. but the first time I saw it, I dint quite get it.. I thought as soon as one boy left her, she found another (dint notice that it was the same boy)

    1. Hemz says

      well Avada, no prizes for guessing it was some one else… you cant believe it at first glance for sure, coz you are never expecting to see someone coming from an opposite direction when you see them off… 🙂

      for sure, the best advert Airtel has come up with.

  12. Vyankatesh says

    Wonderful Ad. Hadn’t seen it yet. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hemz says

      Thank you Vyankatesh for the visit.. Truly wonderful advert.. emotional and touching.

  13. gurpreet says

    this ad is wonderful. the girl looks so cute..!!
    also they don’t even say a single word, but still their expressions say much things. much better then other louder nonsense ads now a days. gud work..!!!!

    1. Hemz says

      Yes Gurpreet. Emotions speak louder than words

      Thanks for the visit…

  14. Nandhini says

    OH Hemant, trust me, for the first time I saw this ad, I sat for few minutes even after the ad was all over, wondering what creativity this guy who thought about this idea has presented to the world! The feeling of that separation, yet a loving bond that reminds you again and again about how beautiful life is! I greatly appreciate your thought about writing on this, so trivial yet so warm to rethink and dwell on it.

    1. Hemz says

      Okay, first of all, I am Hemal and not Hemant… 🙂

      Yes, its a very very very creative advertisement and thank you very much for the visit 🙂 I almost had felt the same way as you described, and wished that this happened in real. Wud have been amazing feeling never to be away from your loved one.

  15. Nithin says

    Apologies- This particular clip has the TPoH music from 1:12 onwards. The clip which they put on the telly, shortened I suppose, has the bit after 1:12 prominently.

    Oh and another gaffe is that the “Airtel classic tune” was played at the end which-

    1. Has been formally dropped by the company, why is it still here?? They use one for each ad, eh? Are they into confusing the customers or advertising?!
    2.It clashes horribly with the previous beautiful tune.


    1. Hemz says

      See Nithin, there is this thing that people should be able to relate to the new music to old. If you remember, Vodafone when moved from Hutch, had effectively used the latter’s signature music, including the lyrics to a brilliant effect, and the transition to the new brand was all the more smooth. This is the reason why you will find overtones of the earlier jingle into the new one. Each ad of theirs have a specific target customers to reach to. Entertainment is for everyone however video calling is for those who are love with either their family or an individual. Thats the target user base as not everyone is going to use Video calling. Each ads then have a specific background score that suites the advert well.

      As for using the background score of The Pursuit of Happyness, I dont have any problem as that music gels well with the advertisement.

      Thanks again for posting a comment. 🙂

  16. saumya says

    when I see this ad, the first thing I realise that Airtel is ashamed of its Indian identity.Its just a brown wanna be white. The ad is made by firangi people, shot in firangi locations, with firangi models and I believe the Creative Director on the project is also firangi and the new Airtel logo (which many people havent liked) is also designed by a UK based company. Airtel is the world’s 5th largest and India’s largest mobile phone network company. Cant it be proud of its roots? this ad is good film making, but doesnt touch me anywhere. It might as well have been for AT&T or Sprint or Verizon. Why Airtel?

    1. Hemz says

      Hey thats an interesting take Saumya and thanks for the visit.. Well its been made by JWT’s Indian operations. Logo yes, is being created with help of a UK based agency and not every one has liked it but majority of them have. There is nothing wrong in hiring non-Indians to direct the advert. Yes, I agree that models should have been Indians so that we could relate to it. Location, aren’t bollywood movies shooting most or the whole of the movie out of India? You dont get that kind of a background in India am sure, hence they had to choose a location thats not in India. And I dont have any grudges against it. I am not seeing this video brandwise. I am seeing only the creativity.

      But may be there is a bigger picture here. This advert can be aired in all of its international locations. But if they air this ad in African countries, it would be bizarre.

  17. Nithin says

    This ad sucks. Not because the idea isn’t great, but because they have COPIED that background score from The Pursuit of Happyness. One of the best parts of the movie was that soft, beautiful background music and these guys rip it off. Heck, they can’t even make their own music!!

    Airtel sucks. First their horrible ARR title track, then their logo and now this ad. Hate it.

    1. Hemz says

      Well Nithin, all five fingers are not the same and you uphold that quote.

      The background score may be ripped, but that doesn’t mean this ad goes down. Its a beautiful ad, and I have to agree with everyone else that it does bring out your emotions. And its very much understandable that you didnt like the new musical score and the logo. As I had mentioned in my post, I am no fan of the new logo. But masses seem to love it.

  18. ucant-seeme says

    I wud agree, its a beautiful ad indeed, the separation and then the elation when they meet, its just amazing..
    The ad actually makes you feel the emotions..

    1. Hemz says

      Thanks Yogesh. Its very true that it makes you feel the emotions attached. Ask may one who is in love and they would instantly relate to it. 🙂

  19. Annie says

    Hey hemal this ad is so wonderful, it makes u get lost in the feeling of it, wish this happens with every one, so that we dont have to far of our loved ones, at every turn u meet them and share ur feelings, really wish distance never should be a barrier btwn people, glad to know that u like this so much that u thot of posting it here and also writing about it 🙂

    1. Hemz says

      yes Annie, truly feel that! at every turn you just expect to be seeing them. after this advert, so many would just wish this could only have become real.. distance never should be a barrier to any relationships in the world. even am glad to know that you like this advert so much.. and yes, I had to post this coz I wanted to share this.. makes me think of someone with whom i always wanna be in touch, close 🙂 its been amazing feeling never to be away from your loved one.

  20. drpratibha says

    this ad is my favorite too and I feel people have great vision who makes such ads.

    1. Hemz says

      thanks Dr. Pratibha,

      adverts these days are a competition of creative minds than promotion of products, while effectively helping both achieve their respective targets.

      yes, people with even greater vision for a powerful brand

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