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Bajaj New AD: Robots


A brilliant adaptation. Remember the Citroen Ad? Bajaj has come up with this brilliant ad. Hats off to Bajaj.

The concept is a hive off from the Citroen ad which again was inspired by the movie Transformers. However, this time around, the transformers are Bikes and the bikes are Bajaj Pulsar 180, Bajaj XCD 135 DTSi and Bajaj Discover.

These bikes transform themselves when every body’s out and start playing basketball with the ball created on the spot using the spare tires lying around. I would like to rate this advertisement from Bajaj very high.

Rating: 4.9/5

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  1. ad review says

    I had mixed reaction to the bajaj transformers Ad . I felt the its trying to target a very niche urban audience with this. But urban motorbike buyers may already be trending towards cars and smaller cars for second cars.

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