A Mirror Story: Shooting in two countries

It is unusual this time around. You know why? A Shooting incident takes place in Germany, where a teen openly shoots in an school killing 17.

In the another continent named the Americas, a guys gets on a shooting spree in Alabama, US killing 10. Why is that these two incidents are common. Because both incidents happened in a public place, where the shooter had shot openly. I think this is an indication of how on can be hypnotize over the net to conduct some miss givings. Thought there are no offical indications, but I think these two guys were influenced by growing number of hate sites available on the internet.

These hate sites influence people to take extreme steps, including sucide and mass killing. With getting a wepon getting increasingly easier, things may not be in the Police of Intelligence control since these are part of general public and may not be placed under suspicion.

This also a terror people need to face. What all is going on in the world disappoints me… which is not good for human kind.

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