Holi After Effects: Chemical Use proved Lethal

I had posted Holi wishing creatives, pointing to the need to avoiding chemical colors. My worst nightmare came true.

In Ambernath, a suburb that falls in Thane District, it was reported that atleast 74 children have been hospitalised due to playing holi with colors that were adulterated. These kids reportedly told their elders that their eyes are having irritation, and itching all over the body.  The worst, 5 more kids are in ICU at Thane Civil Hospital.

Why do you need to celebrate using Chemical Color? Are natural colors not available? Hell ya, they are. But Chemical Colors cost less and are easily soluable in water. Government should ban chemical colors.

Apart from creating risks of chemical reactions to the humans, they also create problems for other animals and plants. Imagine a stray cow drinking the water which is adultrated with these very chemical holi colors, or the poor stray dog which has to face the music from some drunk hooglians who colorize them.

In India, no one will come out voluntarily to step up and stand out for these issues and every one have only one thing to say – “Hum kya karega?”

Pity, not much people have visited my blog to heed the warnings I had set out for Holi…

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