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A shock absorber: Economic stimulus plan


The announcement of the economic stimulus plan by the government of United States, combined with an election budget had influenced an market rally of 3%. The reaction of the market is seen as a positive feeling it has from the outcome from the above actions. If successfully implemented, will help achieve the market prediction of 11k.

However the details of the Interim budget has been negative the India Inc / markets. The markets plumpted by 330 pts. The Budget is widely touted as the election budget. The government wants to survive the upcoming general elections. Currently there are no favorites, but BSP Supremo, Mayavati is expected to make a killing. She is certainly not among the liked ones, but will certainly play spoil sport.

Congress may have a fair chance to head for a Coaliation Government. The BJP sounds dangerous at the moment with a lot of vying for Singular (Hinduatva) views than Secular views. I do not wish to change this country’s view on Secular way of life, like the middle east does.

There is lot advertisment going for L.K. Advani on the Internet “Advani for PM” which sounds so funny to me. By using the online medium, the BJP is trying win over the Youth. Now what is so funny about it? Showing a leader who is in his 80’s to woo the youth. While Congress is on its way of wooing the Youth, thanks to active meeting and promotion by Rahul Gandhi, who now is the face of Congress.

He has the potential to change and woo the youth with this innovative talk and out of the box politically correct answers. If you happened to watch the movie Yuva, then it would be easy for you to relate and understand Rahul Gandhi with what Ajay Devgan did.

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