Reliance GSM Launched

Reliance GSM Network Quality (Review)

With the launch of Reliance GSM services, it became India’s first telecom operator to offer both the services simultaneously.

It is reported that this service is in great demand since it is offering up to INR 10/- talktime, for free.

I witnessed a mad rush when I went to pay for my reliance bill in Reliance Web World. I failed to realise why the rush was for, till I asked the executive about it. Reliance is once again using the tactics used by it when they launched the mobile for just INR 501.

Reliance’s offer is basically a strategy aimed at encouraging customers to get hooked on to its services as it did with the 501 Monsoon hungama. Since then, Bharati, Vodafone and Idea have reduced their Life Time prices. Through this way, it will be able to add up more customers to make up for a demand of additional spectrum.

There was a phenomenal waiting list. The store I visited had already sold many cards, and has a waiting list well above 300. That figure in itself is astonishing.

What we need to see is whether the network quality is as good as its competitors.  Idea has already burnt its fingers when you compare the Network quality in Mumbai as compared to Vodafone, the current leader in Mumbai.

Vodafone is the best network in Mumbai. However, that is only because other networks are pathetic. It’s a wait and watch for me. I would certainly not move to Reliance just because it is offering INR 10 every day. The amount will only last one day. And the amount is not same in every circle. It’s INR 5 in Andhra, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu.

Reliance is only putting more efforts where it thinks it will face stiff competition. But I think it’s quite unfair. If they are launching a new service, the benefits should have been equal for all over India.

It needs to be seen how Reliance fares. What ever the result it may be, it is certainly a winning situation for the customers. Already, India’s telephony market has the lowest fare in the world, and is set to be more affordable. Congrats all consumers!

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