Ghajini Effect

Ghajini is set to become India’s highest revenue earning movie. What went behind this success. The marketing, promotion and eagerness it created among public pushed it above every movie Bollywood has ever created.

Ghajni Poster

When I watched Ghajini for the first time in Tamil, I was amazed by the story and the performance of the cast. The beautiful lady she is, Asin made her mark well in the movie. While it was Surya Shivkumar who steals the show. The story is also laid perfectly. There is cretainly a difference from the original move it was adaped from, the Memento, directed by Christopher Nolan.

What surprises me the reception Aamir Khan’s version. Well it is his might behind the success of Ghajini. I am wondering how the film is received in Tamil Nadu where it is people have already had first hand experience of watching it earlier.

A few people had forwarded me SMSes which said that the movie’s suspense is out and that Aamir is the killer of his Asin in the movie. I knew that it is wrong and it is not the actual ending, since I had already watched it twice. I called up those and instructed them that not to spread the rumours and it may not be correct.Some also had decided that they do not wish to see the movie because they do not want to find out Aamir is the killer. They simply can’t see Aamir as the Killer.

This is acceptable, thinking that people don’t have seen it, or the tamil version. I wonder, is it a try by Aamir’s not-so-good-thinkers lobby spreading a wrong message and try to salvage Ghajini’s success.

The hype that had created by Ghajini Effect has proved very usefull. According to report published in the DNA Newspaper in Mumbai, Ghajini has attracted News coverage for different reasons amounting to 32 hours of Prime Time news and Lunch news advertisment slots for Free. As far as I remember, he is the only celebrity to have publicly promoted his movie, by setting up a hair cutting saloon for the event. I saw him shaving hairs on the news. Even Surya would not have thought off.

The Hair Cut, Abs, the Ghajini look, Samsung Ads all added up to create the Hype around the movie and it seems that the movie has really lived up to the hype.

Very good Aamir. He has proved that he is the real King Khan. He has only one or two movies a year. And they are so phenomenal, people love them. Exclusive and very low television pressence has added up to his value as an actor.

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