Unsuspectingly Indian, Lufthansa creates new emotions

Airbus A380 Lufthansa

I don’t know how many of you remember ModiLuft? It was an India airline started in 1993 in collaboration with Lufthansa, after the relaxation of economic policies by the government lead by PV Narasimha Rao. The airline ceased operations in 1996 after relationship turned sour between Lufthansa and S. K. Modi, the Indian promoter.

ModiLuft Boeing 737-200 Martin. ModiLuft used a similar livery as Lufthansa

ModiLuft was the only airline in India to fly three classes in domestic network using the then advanced Boeing 737. It soon became a darling of travelers for its on-time performance. Thanks to Lufthansa Technik, the ground handling arm of Lufthansa. ModiLuft’s license was used to create what is now SpiceJet, and apart from that there is nothing in common between them. So why did I bring in this history?

Lufthansa’s commitment to India

The airline is the founding member of Star Alliance (which recently added Air India into its roster), and has always remained committed to serving India and is a name well known. They first served India in 1959, by flying Air Mail from Hamburg to Calcutta (Kolkata today). Their commitment was reinforced time and again. They flew the first Airbus A350 flying to India, to New Delhi early this February.

There is little doubt that they perhaps are the best European Airline. Majority of airlines flying out of India do make Indian preferences available for fliers, but none can match that of Lufthansa.


New set of advertisements have often left me speechless. Capturing the emotion and essence of Indian-ness. Be it the grandfather-grandson advert, or the latest one on cricket theme. From Food to Bollywood dance, from colors to attitude, we Indians stand apart.

Reminds me of the things Indians are made off – the Indian Grit. Courage to travel the world, establish presence in a country that is not ours. Mingle in the pot of cross cultures, respect and adapt. Teach the learnings of Jugad, and learn the best from them.

In this advertisement is the quintessential Indian sport that is cricket. A supposedly UK based cricket team is set to play against an Indian team, and the coach is giving out instructions. To beat India, they will need to learn to live like Indians. To the point that, team members were expecting to fly like Indians (presumably a dig at Air India). The coach then appears to nod, and board Lufthansa flight – just like Indians.

In that short one minute video, they manage to capture Yogic Meditation (comfort, peace of mind etc.), Indian Food, and Indian Hospitality. The Essence of Indian-ness throughly captured – and how it translates to Lufthansa.

Global Indians, for better universe!

Indians are going global, and the whole globe is coming to India. The inter-exchange of cultures and economies are only growing. It was about time that world treats India on par with any other country. It is a difficult bridge to cross, and one can only make it easier by understanding the deeper roots of India.

When I speak to my clients across the world, they no longer retain the notion of India being a land of only snake charmers. Granted, you can still see a stray cow on the roads and people worshiping them. But Indians have reached the Moon and the Mars. The world sits up and takes note of the accomplishments.

I am proud of what India has collectively achieved, and know that there are many more things to do. With the help of foreign partners, we only accelerate the journey. And companies like them play a big part. Bringing in authentic Indian taste, in food and media, in history and in thin air above.

A simple Namaste offered by the air stewards on board goes a long way, not only for Indians flying back to or from India. But also for non-Indians, who get familiarized with the deep roots of India.

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