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Starbucks coming to India

The Coffee retail gaint Starbucks is now coming to Indian shores with in next seven months. This is a news for many who flock to the coffee joints like CCD and Barista for two sips of coffee. So now we have the best brand representing…

The Sahyadris – Some pictures

I had been to a short trip down in Konkan and these are the snaps that I took early morning from the train. I hope you would enjoy them. Update: There are many more sequence shots that I have taken while the train was moving and I would…

Not so Meter Jam!

I had read in the Mumbai Mirror about this initiative called Meter Jam. Because strikes need a strike back!  We're tired of meter that always reads more than it should, drivers who refuse to ply and demand return fare whenever they want.…

Kerala Ahoy!

Folks, I will be on a Two week long vaccation to Kerala. It means a good time away from work and a welcome break. I will publish events as I come across in Kerala. A lot of Pics to be taken and shared.. Watch this space.