Breaking Story: Trains services disrupted on Western Railway, protesting for ease of commuting

No trains

At 9.27 my friend was waiting to board local for Church Gate.

The moment the train got on the platform a huge crowd got down on the track to stop the train. After a lot of slogan bashing, all understood that this is a protest against the recent increase in the frequency of trains plying between Church Gate and Virar.

Trains on the slow track were stopped after the group of people refused to allow trains to operate as they were demanding more frequency for locals between Borivali and Churchgate. My friend reported that a few arrests were being made and the GRP is clearing the tracks. This move put others turn violent. Train services affected for most regions include the Borivali – Virar line. There are conflicting reports where some have reported that Fast trains are working as normal, some are reporting that no single train has left the Borivali Station since 9.20 am. The protests started after the announcement made that the 9.10 AM train to Church Gate has been cancelled.

BEST has announced special buses to enable people to travel to Goregaon from where they can catch a train for Church Gate station. People can travel to Goregaon showing their Railway passes. At the time of this post update at 2.00 PM IST, train services continue to be hit.

The whole Western Railway, considered as Posh by many people, is getting crowded by the day and travelling between their homes and work is increasingly painstaking. There are lot of people who went back to their homes, perhaps for the day. People do not want to see these silent protests turn violent. Some people missed important appointments, some may miss their daily wages.

All this is being done in the hope that they would get a quick resolution.

The Mumbai Sub Urban rail transport carries more passengers in a day than any other in the whole world, and have a distinction of being effciently managed one at that (considering the number of people travelling). Western Railway has lesser number of trains plying (local and long distance) than Central Railway. There is a need for effective commuting planing to be implemented.

The protest shows the misery of people and there is a increasing demamd of a easy and confortable travelling experience.

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