Not so Meter Jam!

I had read in the Mumbai Mirror about this initiative called Meter Jam.

Because strikes need a strike back!  We’re tired of meter that always reads more than it should, drivers who refuse to ply and demand return fare whenever they want. And if all that wasn’t enough, now we have to deal with strikes too, any time the ‘unions’ decide!

Everyone is holding the janta to ransom. How much more will we pay? It’s time to turn the tables.

So on 12th August, shake your head and say NO if an auto driver offers a ride!

Meter Jam
Meter Jam
Meter Jam
Meter Jam

Very true to the core, this initiative is much appreciated for all the trouble we face in our day to day lives. Everyday I have to travel by rick and each day, I get a different meter reading. On an average, I have to pay Rs. 40 for one way travel but at times, the meter reading exceeds it and I end up paying Rs. 75!!

When I question it, he directly shows the meter and there is no way I can protest. The police too are hand in glove and others of the same fraternity rush to rescue. With this, you hardly have a voice to speak up to. While I go back, I have to ask atleast 10 to 12 Rickshaws to know if they can take me or not.

According to rules, they have no option to say no to any distance which is permissible according to RTO regulations. There are a lot of cases where Auto / Cab drivers are come up with innovative ideas of avoiding ferrying passengers.

There is a sect who are also on the softer side, who asks us to think why would a Auto Rickshaw driver earning in ’10s would not ferry any passenger. Well, to all of those who think this way, come to my place and try to hire a rick.

However today I saw a lot of people ferrying ricks, a lot of professionals doing the same. Its not because they don’t care, its because they don’t have an option.

For example, for me to get into a BEST bus from Kanjurmarg is next to impossible. I see a lot of people standing on the foot board and traveling since there is no way to get in. The buses are jam packed already. What Meter Jam should also have promoted it as a protest against the government utilities too, and not only against the Rickshaw walahs and Cab walahs. This way we could spread the message that we need better transport alternatives than facing these rowdy rickshaw walahs and cab walahs.

I hope more protestants join the force and get along with this initiative.

  1. S.R.Ayyangar says

    Jam or no Jam, one has to depend on them if we do not own a vehicle.

    1. Hemz says

      Very true Mr. Ayyangar.. Welcome to my blog 🙂

  2. Avada Kedavra says

    Yep autos have really become a menace.. I try to avoid them as much as possible now.. no matter what your destn is, you have to ask 10 autos if he is willing to come.. even if an autowala agrees, he acts as if he is doing a huge favor or something..

    1. Hemz says

      true, that’s the fate of a lot of people who come across their rude behavior.. I for one certainly cant fathom their behavior.. it irritates when they say they cant take you to place which is either near or far.

      especially when you are running late or need to reach some where urgently..

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